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Mirna Goes-o Nutso

So to set the scene here, Mirna and Charla are still pulled over by the side of the road. Mirna is arguing with her cab driver while standing up by his cab, and Charla is back by the cousins' SUV, when suddenly, Charla shrieks that another team is coming. Mirna suddenly has some kind of... I really don't know what she has. She has an apparent mental collapse in which she starts yelling that she doesn't have time for this. Which is... kind of one reason not to do it, if you think about it. Teri and Ian blow by this roadside confrontation, and Ian yells, "Oh my God, it's Mirna and Schmirna!" And the way he says it? Totally delightful. He's thrilled that they aren't last. Now, Charla is up with the cab driver, and Mirna is running back to the SUV, and things have gone bazoo. "Just give him whatever he wants!" Mirna shrieks. "Give him all of our money! Here!" She returns and thrusts the Amazing Purse at the driver. He tries to give it back to her, because she is insane, and now she and Charla are both screaming at him. I seriously have absolutely not one clue what they're shrieking as far as any actual words, so it's pretty much impossible that their driver knows. It's like they've taken all the words they know, poured them into a blender, and thrown the switch. It eventually collapses into both of them yelping at him to tell them what he wants. I suspect all he wants at this point is to get away from them and never, ever have to think of them again. Now, Mirna is shoving a bill at the driver, and she says, in her Mirnese accent, "Twenty dollars to eat food, I give you! I don't eat tomorrow!" That's right: she's going to go hungry, and that should make you want to take her money and lead her 60 miles. And then she's saying "muchos gracias" [sic], and -- you only think I'm making this up -- she's bowing. She is bowing. She's not even in the right country for the offensive stereotype she's embracing. And then she says, "God help you," and apparently... he's taking all their money and leading them. They've given away all their money? So that they don't have to navigate this one single drive? Mary and Dave pass them, but at least they're on their way again. Mirna sniffles about how the BQs "just wanted to use" them. Isn't that always the way? "What planet do you come from?" Mirna asks the BQs living inside her head. "Beauty is sometimes skin-deep," Charla intones in a voice-over. "It's easy to make yourself beautiful with plastic surgery, but to have a pure heart, and to have morals, is not easy to make up." Are the BQs pretty because of plastic surgery? Where is that from?

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