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Mirna Goes-o Nutso

Bill and Joe move gravel. David and Mary tighten bolts. Trying to tighten one, David torques himself right onto the ground, which is pretty funny, in all honesty. Everybody is finding the bolts pretty punishing, and I'm thinking the front-loader was a way easier task, provided you can drive the truck. Mirna? She's in tears the entire time. People start hollering for the foreman. Uchenna and Joyce have to tighten a couple of theirs. But Danny and Oswald are done, so they're on their way. Uchenna and Joyce have moved up, because they're the next to go. Then Eric and Danielle. In the SUV, Danny frets that his manicurist is going to plotz over what he just did to his nails working on those bolts. Hey, you have to keep your priorities straight. So to speak. Bill finally figures out that Joe was right about the front-loader, so Joe climbs in to take a turn. This all sounds really dirty, but it's not, actually. Drew is on a break to take some "medicine," while Kevin continues to work on bolts. And then, awesomely, we see that Charla has Mirna on her shoulders, with Mirna playing the role of this year's side of beef. Why is Mirna on Charla's shoulders if they have a stepstool? Why is Mirna on Charla's shoulders at all? I don't understand this. David and Mary think they're done, and they call the foreman over, but it turns out that their bolts are very, very much not correct. Just as David expected, they're not all identical, and so a bunch of them are on wrong at this point. I wonder how Mary's feeling about blowing him off. Probably really guilty, right? So she'll probably stop acting like that, right?

Bill and Joe complete the front-loader Roadblock. They're on the way, followed by Teri and Ian. Mirna mutters to Charla, "People are finishing, honey." "Look, I'M GONNA HANG!" Charla yells. She decides to dangle from the wrench in order to get more power, so of course, she falls to the ground. And the entire world laughs and tries to pretend it's coughing. Teri and Ian (whom she calls "Eye-an" for the first time this season, because she's a little peevish at the moment) have trouble locating the SUVs they're supposed to take, which is worrisome. They shouldn't need to give you a map to your car. Kevin and Drew finish with the bolts. They leave in seventh place. Dustin and Kandice are not happy about how this is going. Ian and Teri are confused, though, and they get in a taxi and ask to be taken to the entrance. That must have been one confused taxi driver. Mirna and Charla finally finish the task, probably by having Mirna stand directly on top of Charla's head. So now, it's David and Mary and the BQs fighting it out not to leave last. The BQs emerge victorious in this regard, so they leave ninth and Dave and Mary leave tenth. But actually, it turns out that the BQs are only eighth, because Ian and Teri are just now figuring out where the SUVs are, and they're leaving behind the BQs. Mary leans miserably on a tire, because her team is last, and she's actually not plucky; she's kind of a pouter. But don't tell Rosie O'Donnell, or she'll take back her bazillion dollars in free stuff.

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