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Amber climbs up into the truck. The rest of the teams show up at the clue box and rip their Detour clues. Everybody wants By Hand, with Drew pointing out that Kevin can't drive a stick shift, so they can't do the front-loader anyway. Elsewhere, Amber works on dumping the gravel, with Rob saying in their interview that seeing her do that was "pretty cool." "She did good; I was proud of her," he grins. Danny is giving Oswald directions about putting the washers on the tire, so he seems to be the leader of this particular task. It isn't simple getting the bolts on -- even the normally placid BQs are bickering over whether they're doing it right or not. David tries to tell Mary that she's not putting the bolts on the right way. "Some of these are different," he says. But she blows him off completely -- "What does it matter?" she asks. Well, what indeed? What's the worst thing that could happen? He tries to explain, but she says, "Whatever," and she keeps on working. Elsewhere, Charla declares that she needs a stepstool, and she walks off in pursuit of one that she apparently can see. "Charla, I don't have time for a stepstool!" Mirna yells, in what is apparently part of her "Charla, there's no time, you'll just have to get taller!" theory of completing tasks. Charla is determined, however, and yells back, "I CAN'T REACH IT!" "There is no stepstool!" Mirna yells as Charla runs off. "THIS IS A STEPSTOOL!" Charla yells.

Kevin and Drew are working. And then... okay, Mirna is dragging the stepstool over to the tire. And she's crying. And she says something like... her knees are starting to bleed? Her hands are starting to bleed? From dragging the stepstool? I'm not sure, though does look like a pretty heavy metal thing. The BQs mutter to each other a little bit about the loud nutbarn party that's going on with the cousins, which pretty much only needs hats and horns. Dustin says in an interview through her pageant smile that Charla and Mirna's "style" is sometimes "kind of abrasive." Also, the ocean is salty. Finally, Charla has the stepstool over by the tire, and she climbs up. Mirna tells her she knows how to do it, and adds, "Don't mess around with me!" Nice. The last few teams collect their clues, and Bill and Joe are the only team besides Rob and Amber who want By Machine rather than By Hand. Speaking of which, Rob is now dumping his load of gravel. As Joe and Bill run to the trucks, Joe tries to point out that they both have to do the driving, but Bill kind of doesn't hear him, or doesn't get what he means. It's like he's so excited about running the front-loader that he's not even reading the clue. As if gay four-wheeling wasn't enough, now it's gay heavy equipment. (Oh, settle down.) Rob and Amber, on the other hand, are done, and they collect a clue sending them to the Valley of the Moon. Phil explains that this means taking a marked vehicle and driving 71 miles. On the way there, there's a limit of 40 kilometers per hour. But when they exit the Valley of the Moon, they can go 50 while searching for the Valley of the Dead. So it goes Valley of the Moon, then Valley of the Dead, which is also the Valley of the Pit Stop, because the last team there "may" be eliminated. Rob and Amber hop in their truck.

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