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In any event, this entire sequence, as well as the entire Roadblock and the leg up to this point, is completely meaningless, because they're all on the same flight to Calama anyway. Ta-da! The Amazing World Map shows that they are headed north from Santiago, and then we are at the Calama airport. Teams run through the airport. There's a great, nostalgia-producing moment where Bill and Joe realize that Kevin and Drew are ahead of them, and just for a minute, I'm totally expecting a "Fatties" joke. But here come Dustin and Kandice, and their driver passes the other teams. This is why I always wind up disliking the BQs -- somehow, they wind up getting a faster driver and then they seem to think it makes them awesome. Rob is often guilty of the same thing, and it bugs me about him, too. Furthermore, as the BQs pass Kevin and Drew, they decide to stick their tongues out and waggle their fingers, which really is not particularly funny when you're as cocky as they are. It's only funny if you show some humility and a sense of humor about yourself, which I've never seen from either one of them, ever. Of course, they giggle at how hilarious they are. Charla and Mirna also pass some teams, as do Rob and Amber.

When the teams get to the copper mine, it's the BQs in the lead, so they're the first to the staging area where they have to stop and put on some safety gear. Drew and Kevin are right behind, then Rob and Amber, then Mirna and Charla. Mirna is even managing to say "Go, go, go" to Charla with what sounds like a... fake Russian accent? I wonder if there's a medication that would treat that. Other teams -- Joe and Bill, Eric and Danielle, David and Mary. Teams start to put on helmets and so forth. The first team to clear the chaos and get to the actual clue box is Rob and Amber (natch). They read the clue, which is a Detour. As Phil walks by a truck with tires twice as tall as he is (I've stood next to one of those trucks at the taconite mines up on the Iron Range -- they really are imposing, and if I'm remembering right, those tires cost something like $20,000 each), he explains that the options are By Hand and By Machine. In By Hand, you line up the bolts and washers to secure a giant tire to a truck. When you're done, if the foreman says you did it right, you get your clue. In By Machine, each team members has to take a turn scooping up gravel in a front-loader and moving it over to a post. Because of Rob's construction experience, he knows how to drive a front-loader, so he and Amber take that option. Eric and Danielle want to do the tire (or Eric does; I'm not sure she even talks), and the BQs want the tire as well.

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