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Teams are lined up at the airport to head for Calama. The BQs and Guidos are at the front of their respective lines. Outside, Oswald and Danny and Rob and Amber are arriving and getting in line. Eric and Danielle pull up next. Tickets are bought and bought, and Uchenna and Joyce and Teri and Ian are finally showing up. So now, everyone is in line, and Ian gives Joyce a little kiss for the help with the clue. Now, another ticket agent opens up, and Eric goes walking right over to her, even though he's not in the front of the line. This issue has been addressed multiple times in the past, starting with Blake and Paige, and I continue to feel the same way about it -- you snooze, you lose. There's no honor in the line; there's only the line. But of course, Rob is frustrated, and he says -- not really loudly, but unhappily, "Bro, we're in line here. Come on." Eric says he just went to a new line. Keeping his cool entirely, which is the way you have to handle Rob, Eric tells Rob to just get behind him, adding that Rob would do the same thing and knows perfectly well that he would. Rob interviews with a smirk that he was "just trying to stir the pot up," which is obvious bullshit. He loves this "I meant to do that" routine, where he pretends that he never loses his cool, even partially, despite the fact that it's clearly what happened here.

At any rate, he fortunately has his smart wife with him, and she turns to him and says, firmly but not unkindly, "Don't be upset about it, because you would have done the same thing." Rob tells her he's not upset, he's "making it clear that if that's how we're playing, that's how we're playing." You mean... the way you always play? Silly, this bit. In his interview, Rob "complains," with a hint of smile in the eyes, that he didn't like Amber defending Eric. When they're leaning on the counter and waiting for their tickets, Rob is sort of half-whining but mostly camera-mugging in this sort of, "Baby, you gotta trust me" way about how she has to understand why he does these things. Which, again, is not true. Rob is really skilled at small-scale button-pushing and at large-scale strategy in certain situations, but that doesn't mean every single thing he does is part of a larger plan, much as he likes to make that claim. He got annoyed with Eric, is all, and oddly, it's harder for him to admit to that simple human impulse than it is for him to falsely claim that he was specifically doing it to be a manipulative asshole. Amber listens to all of this with a look of bored amusement on her face, letting him get it out of his system, as is her role as spaz-wrangler. In her interview, Amber says she doesn't care if he wants to be a pot-stirrer, but she says, "It was so wrong, it made him look silly." Hee. I love that. She's like, "It's not that he was being stupid, it's that he was being so stupid." He tells her that they're supposed to be a team, and she's supposed to "have [his] back," but they're both struggling to even keep a straight face through this "tiff." "There's a method to the madness," he says, and she cracks up. Because there's no method, and she knows it -- he just gets frustrated, and if he wants to pretend he got frustrated as part of a grander scheme, it costs her nothing to roll her eyes and blow him off.

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