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Previously on You Again?: Teams flew from the great state of relative obscurity all the way to Quito, Ecuador, but not before a lot of wacky shenanigans at the Miami airport, including Mary and Dave going for early bragging rights by lying to the BQs, just to prove they could. The BQs shrugged it off, because you don't become Miss Great Big State by knuckling under to sabotage and lies. Everyone was sick to death of Rob and Amber, who inconveniently came in first again, some more, proving that the other reason it matters that God spends so much time wet and soapy is that He hasn't had to watch Rob and Amber World, A Rob and Amber Production Starring Rob and Amber, so He isn't so likely to throw a good plague of frogs or something to get them out of the way. Drew fell down on his shoulder, which was rather unfortunate given that he was apparently held together with popsicle sticks and Elmer's Glue as a result of preexisting injuries. Sadly, the adorable John Vito and Jill came in last and went out first, causing great pain to everyone. They undoubtedly didn't actually go to Sequesterville and make out, but you're not alone if, in your head, they did. Ten teams remain. Who will be eliminated... next?

Credits. It's good to know that winning a million dollars hasn't reduced the level of sheer enjoyment Uchenna and Joyce get from hanging around the driveway washing their car. [BOMP.]

Commercials. I suspect Neutrogena is feeling pretty good about nailing down Hayden Panettiere ahead of the curve right about now. When she started doing these ads, people were like, "Who-den Pane-whatty?" And now, the person who signed her has been made Vice President In Charge Of Neener Neener.

We return to a volcano in Cotopaxi National Park, and at the base of it, we find ourselves at Mirador, which was the pit stop for the first leg. The breaking news is that during this pit stop, Drew the Bubble Boy had to take oxygen and be generally tended to for a wicked bout of altitude sickness. (The Andes? High. Who says television isn't educational?) He tells us that he was basically sick all night, and he indeed does not look good.

7:42 AM. Rob and Amber. She's working a couple of funny little braids, about which I am ambivalent. Sporty, or Pippi Wrongstocking? I'm not sure. The clue tells them to fly to Santiago, Chile, which Phil explains is more than 2400 miles. The soundtrack over the shots of Chile suggest that, like all South American countries, Chile specializes in the manufacturing of guitars. When they land, they'll go 12 miles by taxi to the corporate headquarters of Codelco, which is the world's largest copper mining company. I'm not sure how I feel about that as a destination; it's like sending them to a hot-dog factory or something. I'm just not sure it's glamorous. Anyway, at the Codelco Building, they'll get another clue. Expo Hands! It's been so long. As Rob and Amber leave, Rob interviews that "the other teams have no idea what they're in for," which is one of those things he will keep saying as long as they keep showing it, even though it's rarely clear what, exactly, he's talking about, and despite the fact that at this point, they pretty much have a very good idea what they're in for, since they've had a chance to study you during your four thousand hours of television exposure, Rob. He further says that it's his goal to get the other teams to be "preoccupied" with him and Amber and what they're doing. Gee, I wonder if that will work. In their car, they bump their way down a very nasty dirt "road," which Amber exclaims "should be illegal," it's in such poor shape.

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