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So Near and Yet Safari
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"The Okavango Delta is known as the jewel of Botswana," Phil narrates in voice-over during shots of the river, the Bushmen who inhabit the area, and multiple picture-in-pictures of local wildlife. I suspect he's making that nickname up, because it's also referred to as the Okavango Swamp, and I'm not sure how something can be a jewel and a swamp at the same time. He continues, "This freshwater wetland boasts an extraordinary concentration of wildlife, including Africa's big five." That would apparently be the elephant, the lion, the leopard, the rhino, and the cape buffalo. No, I don't know how the cape buffalo got in there either. Must be the cape. From the safari camp where the teams fetched up at the end of the previous leg, most of the racers stand and gape across the river at the elephants who have come to do their dailies. I think Bates speaks for all of the racers when he reverently whispers, "Africaaah."

Phil goes on, "And on the edge of the Boteti river, Meno a Kwena. This safari camp is the start of the seventh leg in a race around the world." And it's just as short on verbs as all the other starts, apparently. Bates & Anthony won the previous leg, so they're starting this one off at 5:39 AM. Still, it's already full daylight when they rip open their clue, which tells them to drive to Boro Village. First they have to find their way back to where they parked their cars before the Detour the day before, however, and they admit in an interview that it's a little novel for them to be in the lead and thus not to have anyone to follow. Once they get in their car, Anthony talks about their good night's sleep among the animals. Bates agrees that he was counting lions instead of sheep. Oh, look, stock footage of lions!

Pam & Winnie are the second team to begin the leg, at 6:11 AM. Pam interviews that the race requires you to be both smart and strong, and their strength is being smart. Thus their strategy to avoid the pack. And, as Winnie points out to Pam, also to avoid all the animal poo in the parking area. Winnie goes on to say that they race their best when they're on their own, so Pam agrees, "this show should just be about us." "Just let us race the show with no other teams and we'll be fine," Winnie agrees. Did they just ask for a spinoff? In their car, Pam says this is all very Indiana Jones, so I think maybe they're seriously working on a pitch.

Chuck & Wynona start in third place (which still blows my mind) at 6:17 AM. Following Chuck at a jog to the cars, Wynona complains, "You'll wear me out before we even get started." And this is while Chuck is wearing both of their backpacks.

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