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Joey "Fitness" and Danny call the champion back over to judge their work and he all but sighs, "Okay," like a harried parent tired of his child's nagging. They don't care about the tonsorial travesty they just perpetrated, they're just happy to receive the clue that puts them in third place. Nary and Jamie are busy moussing up their guy's moustache at the same time and rather enjoying themselves. Vanessa's trying to put some finishing touches on the guy she and Ralph (mostly she) are working on, to the point where he repeatedly tells her to back away so they can get an answer. The judge rubs their model's bald head and gives them their clue. "Taking forever on my hair finally paid off," Vanessa sings as they leave happily. I'm sure she means it paid off in a way above and beyond landing her thrice-married boyfriend.

Then we're looking down into the valley and at the village of Oberammergau, where the witch is showing off her asthmatic cackle over her cauldron. Bopper and Mark walk into the courtyard where she's at "work" and see the complete gingerbread house they'll use as a model for completing their own. Bopper pauses to exchange cackles with the witch before he and Mark get to work on one of the half-finished houses, using the gingerbread fragments they collected and the frosting tube that's been provided.

Team Big Brother and the cousins show up shortly thereafter, and Rachel whines about how they always pick the hardest ones. Because you make everything more difficult than it has to be, Rachel, that's why. Brendon tells her to stay positive and she says she's trying. Which she sucks at, but somehow it doesn't veer into a relationship-threatening fight this time. Wearing fur hats in their post-leg interview, Rachel claims that it's harder than it looks. Which is always a sign of a well-chosen task.

Kerri is using a fork to chisel pieces so they'll fit on the house, and Bopper is taking frequent breaks to cackle back at the witch. I think he's trying a method-acting approach to gingerbread house construction.

Art and JJ are on the road to Neuschwanstein Castle, which they spot from a distance over the mountains. They have to park their car a fair distance downhill from the actual structure, so they decide to take a covered, horse-drawn carriage up to the building so as not to have to hoof it up the long, wet, slippery roadway to the gates. Meanwhile, Other Rachel and Dave have taken a wrong turn somewhere, and they react about as well as always. Other Rachel tells Dave not to get mad at her, since he got the same directions she did, but he points out that he wasn't paying attention. Not exactly an ironclad defense, that.

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