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Bopper and Mark are arriving at the restaurant, where the polka band is in full swing. The Speed Bump sign with their picture on it is there, too, and their envelope tells them to "participate in the traditional alpine art of yodeling." Cut to Phil standing next to the Speed Bump sign, on the other side of which is a dude in lederhosen who yodels at length while Phil looks increasingly uncomfortable. He's the guy who's going to teach Mark and Bopper to yodel, and it looks like he's going to do it using his best cross-eyed sitcom-dad face. He'll give them their next clue when he's satisfied with their performance, but I'm sure we can look forward to the usual low standards when it comes to making racers participate in musical performances. Bopper and Mark go behind a screen to change into checked shirts and lederhosen of their own.

Vanessa and Ralph make it to the restaurant in fourth place and opt for beard styling. "I'm gonna have to do that to you," Vanessa teases, tweaking Ralph's fashionable stubble in a way that suggests she has no idea what she's in for.

Close-up of the yodeler yodeling while pointing one eye at the camera, and then Bopper and Mark are in their costumes. They've decided to have fun with it, and we see the male and female yodelers each teaching one of them the song, one line at a time. They do a run-through with the lead yodeler guiding them through the whole song with his arm around Bopper. He's also hogging the mic so we couldn't hear Team Kentucky yodeling if we wanted to. Which, to be honest, we probably don't. Afterward, the yodeler says ruefully, "That's American way of yodeling." The fail-gong sounds, but I've got one name for you, Hans: Jewel.

JJ says he's not ashamed of who he is, and that one of his abilities is that, "I can craft a man's facial hair really nice." That'll come in handy at his day job. Danny again invites their victim for beer after they're done. "You are in Bavaria. You must drink beer," he says to them. The other bearders waiting on the sidelines are already several rounds in, looks like. I guess if your sport is bearding, you have to get your beers in you before you're all done up into a state that one stray drop can ruin. Art and JJ call for a check of their guy, Felix, and the champion gives them a thumbs-up, so they're the first to finish.

They get their clue and read it outside: "Find the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's castle." All the way back to Orlando? No, Phil says that's Neuchschwanstein Castle, which looks like quite an impressive structure both inside and out, towering high on a mountaintop. Phil says it was once the home of King Ludwig II, and in his bedroom they'll find the next clue. One hopes for the former Queen's sake that it's not the only clue that was ever found in there. Art and JJ get directions from a local, who sends them to the next village of Hohenschwangau. "First place again is right in our fingertips," JJ says once he's back behind the wheel. I don't know, there's a lot of leg left. But then, after messing with all that hair product, their fingertips are probably pretty sticky.

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