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So then the Amazing Red, Yellow and Blue Dotted Lines are shown heading east along the southern foothills of the Swiss Alps and then cutting north to Ehrwald, via Innsbruck, which Phil says is a ten-hour train ride. At 4:30 AM, a train pulls into Innsbruck and Kerri and Stacy disembark. They walk through the train station and find what looks like either the brightly colored aftermath of a yuppie massacre or a bunch of other teams sleeping on the floor. Bopper and Mark show up later, and some of the other racers joke that they were waiting for them. Like they had a choice, but Team Kentucky doesn't care; they're just happy to see them all. And so soon, too.

At 6:30 AM, Art and JJ inform us that they spent the night at the Ehrwald train station, and now they're running to the fleet of parked cars waiting outside to drive themselves get to the specified restaurant -- which opens at 8:30 AM. So maybe those cars were waiting outside when the Border Patrol agents arrived in Ehrwald and maybe they weren't, but either way it's not like they were going to be allowed to begin their first task a full day before everyone else. They still seem determined to win, though. As always.

The train carrying Other Rachel and Dave and Joey "Fitness" and Danny pulls into Ehrwald later, when it's still dark but not by much. Both teams hop into their cars and get going. "It'll be fun to meet up with Art and JJ again," Rachel says. As the sun comes up, Art and JJ find the restaurant, and commence the wait for the 8:30 opening time. Joey "Fitness" and Danny show up next, followed by Other Rachel and Dave. Greetings all around, and they all do a pretty convincing job of seeming happy to see each other.

At 8:30, the doors open, and that damn polka band strikes right up, including a yodeling chick with a 60-year-old voice coming out of a 20-year-old face. JJ finds the table full of gnomes right away, which isn't hard, and they read the clue on the bottom. Looks like a Detour: "Fairy Tale" or "Champion Male." Now here's Phil, walking through falling snow with the picturesque town in the background, telling us about how important German writers are in the world of fairy tales, and also about the country's history of successful showings at something called the "World Beard Championships." Now that sounds interesting. Is that where people compete to find out who can most convincingly claim that their closeted homosexual partner of the opposite sex is a tiger in the sack? We'll come to that in a minute.

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