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Vanessa and Ralph are leaving in fourth place, at 12:27 PM. Ralph, who doesn't look a day over 35, tells us that he's been married not once, not twice, but thrice. "None of them successful." Which is probably why he's here with Vanessa, who says she's been married once and is now divorced. She interviews that their past relationships have given them a greater tendency to tell each other what they want. "I think it's gonna help us. But it's also a big problem of ours." Both at the same time? As example, we see them in the car as Vanessa asks if he's sure they're at the train station. "I just saw a fricking train!" Ralph snaps. See? Communication!

Nary and Jamie are starting in fifth place, at 12:56 PM, and Brendon and Rachel are off at 1:18 PM. I believe she's wearing an entire green sequined dress over her winter clothes today, which is an even more off-the-wall look than normal. Anything to take focus from her Bedazzled beret, I suppose. After Brendon reads the clue, Rachel's a little slow on the uptake as to where to search for the gnome: "He's in Germany?" In a pre-leg interview, Brendon happily tells us how horrible the last leg was for them, as if we didn't see it for ourselves. But they've since worked it out and decided that they want to win a million dollars but also enjoy themselves. Good luck with that. Rachel promises to remember that Brendon is her "Bukie Bear." Oh, this is already off to a great start. I'm sure they're never going to have another fight like that again, until the next one.

The divorcees, Team Undercover, and Team Big Brother all make it to the train station and get on the same train before Kerri and Stacy even open their first clue -- at 3:58 PM. Yeeowch. They tell us in a pre-leg interview about how they're all energized and ready to go, saying that being away from their families has been getting them down. Is that why they've consistently been in the back of the pack? Is it their families who do most of their navigating back home? Stacy adds that her husband is a basketball pro and she has two kids, and she wants them to know that "You don't have to be some great athlete to be a champion." Which makes me wonder if that's a message she normally has to communicate by herself? "Mamma mia, we made it to the train stacione," Karri says from the backseat in a terrible Italian accent. So clearly she's no help.

Next thing you know, it's dark and Bopper and Mark are leaving the Pit Stop in eighth and last place, at 5:54 PM. So not only are they almost nine hours behind Art and JJ, they're almost two hours behind Kerri and Stacy. And only an hour and fifteen minutes of that is from their later flight, so they added more than 40 minutes to their deficit once they arrived in Italy. They're also more than four and a half hours behind Brendon and Rachel, who had not one but two meltdowns in the previous leg. So unless that second flight they caught into Turin was delayed, they would have come in last anyway. Still, after last week's non-elimination and a gift in an unspecified amount from Art and JJ, they insist that they're, "Down but not out." Mark adds that they need the money more than any other team. Bopper gets on a train for the first time in his life, and while he and Mark begin their ride, Bopper says he's positive they'll catch up with at least some of the other teams. They certainly will if the race planners have anything to say about it.

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