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At the ice arena, Ralph's latest slide stops a hair short of the bull's-eye. Ralph asks the pro if he can bump it into the target with another gnome, and since that's allowed, that's just what he does. They're headed to the Pit Stop in third place. And Joey Fitness and Danny arrive in second.

Kerri and Stacy, currently in seventh place, make it to the right castle and the right bedroom and find the clue sending them to the ice arena in town. Bopper makes it to the castle gates, but just barely -- he's thoroughly winded, and has to rest by leaning on a wall. Then there's another staircase to the entrance, inside of which he crouches down, panting like he's trying to breathe on Mars. He prays for another wind and gets one, and soon he and Mark are heading back up the stairs, Mark still telling him to take his time. They get the clue in last place, figuring they're out but still determined to finish. And maybe Art and JJ will buy them some Thai food afterwards.

Nary and Jamie get to the ice arena in fourth place. "It's gonna be curling," Jamie says authoritatively before the clue is even fully open, and tells us that Nary will do it. Soon they're positioned at opposite ends of the lane as Jamie tells Nary that she's good at targets, so they can do this quickly. Not with the first one, though. Brendon and Rachel arrive at the roadblock in fifth place, and Brendon takes it, then Other Rachel and Dave show up and Other Rachel agrees to try. Soon Brendon and Nary are in side-by-side lanes, and Jamie repeats that Nary's great at targets. She's going to blow their cover with talk like that. Other Rachel's first shot is aimed perfectly, but it overshoots. Still, I don't think she's going to be there long.

Vanessa and Ralph jump onto the mat in third place. Phil asks diplomatically about their toughest moment of the day, and Vanessa admits, "We got into a little bit of a spat." She says she can be mad at Ralph and still love him. And in a post-leg interview, Vanessa says they're really good at letting things go. "But if this all starts again, I'll just kill him." That'll be hard to let go of.

Nary is still failing, but Other Rachel pulls off a smooth bump-shot that earns her and Dave their clue to the Pit Stop in fourth place. "It's like a bar game, you had to be good at it," Dave says. What the hell's that supposed to mean? Brendon gets it next, so he and Rachel are in fifth as they take off. Which takes a toll on Jamie's nerves as she watches another of Nary's gnomes slide past the bull's-eye.

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