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Other Rachel and Dave show up at the castle parking lot, but somehow Dave decides that they need to go up to Hohenschwangau Castle, which is the wrong one. That's the squat, tan castle, which is also accessible from the same parking lot. They get up there and see a signboard showing that the next tour begins at 12:50. That right there should be a red flag, given how racers never have to wait for anything at these places, but they decide they're going to wait. The good news is that it's already 12:47, so at least they aren't going to be standing around waiting to get into the wrong place for more than a few minutes.

Nary and Jamie are the next team to arrive at the parking lot, and they also pick the wrong castle to climb to, even as Jamie says, "I hope this is the right one." They catch up with Other Rachel and Dave waiting outside for their tour, and both teams go into the wrong castle together and begin the wasting some serious time. Which they had to buy tickets for. And which they have to stay with the group for. Seriously, this doesn't seem a little out of procedure to any of these people?

Art and JJ find a clue box outside the ice arena and open a clue that asks, "Who's ready to put it on ice?" JJ says he's taking this Roadblock, and Phil says this is going to let them put their gnome to work, using it in a game called Eisstock-schiessen." It's basically a form of shuffleboard played on ice, and Phil demonstrates how the goal is to slide their gnome about half the length of the rink, to a circular target painted on the ice. The goal is to have the gnome come to a stop in the target's center white circle, which is hardly bigger than the base of the gnome itself. If they can manage that, they'll earn them their next clue from the eisstock pro who will supervise their efforts. I can't help noticing that the eisstock pros don't seem to have uniforms. Anyway, JJ starts sliding gnomes toward the target, with Art crouching behind the target on the ice and calling out encouragement.

The teams who are at the wrong castle are led with the tour group to Ludwig's bedroom, but of course there's no clue to be found. The tour guide tells them, "If you are looking for the real bedroom of Ludwig II, it's up here at Neuschwanstein." Something that would have been good to know earlier. They rush out of there, obviously. They should count they're blessings that they were working their way through a castle and not an IKEA.

The mistake just gets that much more common as Kerri and Stacy also park at the shared castle lot and head up to Hohenschangau. As do Bopper and Mark! Kerri and Stacy at least don't pay for a whole tour before finding out from another visitor that they're at the wrong place. Brendon and Rachel, meanwhile, are heading up to the correct castle, so their last-place position didn't last long. And Bopper and Mark wander the grounds until they spot the other castle across the valley and realize that's where they're supposed to be. Country boys can survive, depending on the country.

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