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The teams at the gingerbread task are still hard at work, but Kerri and Stacy are indeed the first team to call the witch over to check their work, promising it will attract children for her dinner. The witch nods approvingly and produces their clue, causing them to jump up and down and hug each other. But Kerri can't even do that right, bashing her face into Stacy's in the process. They're off in search of the castle in sixth place. "That's okay, they done a good job," Bopper says. Brendon isn't quite so philosophical about leaving after a team they arrived with.

Walking down the hill from the castle, Art and JJ meat Team Jersey, and then the divorcees. Vanessa's now carrying her jacket, but at some point she gets tired of Ralph's pushing and throws it at him. It's a sign of their combined maturity that at one point it's actually lying in the road while they argue over who's going to carry it. Ralph ends up toting it and asks her if there's anything else, "Princess?" Vanessa suggests some class and dignity. Which she's clearly not carrying either. "And look more like a juiced-up hothead," she adds. "Congratulations, you just made YouTube." Dude, what the hell? The other two remaining couples are getting along relatively well despite their setbacks, so these two suddenly come apart over an uphill walk? Is there some sort of Conservation of Bickering principle I'm not aware of?

They're still at it after the ads, as Ralph tells her to stop telling him to shut up, and she agrees to stop if she does. That's some Middle East stalemate shit, right there. After the leg, Ralph says he enjoyed watching her run up the hill. "The little devil inside me was laughing because I knew her legs were on fire." Aww, how sweet.

Team Jersey gains the main entrance, and while they walk through, Danny asks, "Sleeping Beauty, didn't she hang her hair down?" Wrong fairy tale, bro. Vanessa and Ralph continue digging at each other all the way into the castle, but when she finds the clue in the (now much more crowded) bedroom, he tells her "Awesome, babe." But she isn't interested in making up, even when he asks for a truce as they leave. "Whatever, I'm done," he grumps. "I could care less at this point." "Couldn't care less," Vanessa corrects. All is forgiven, Vanessa.

Bopper and Mark are the next team to finish their gingerbread house, so after getting a clue and a hug from the witch, they're currently in seventh place. Have fun storming the castle! Brendon and Rachel are in last place and they know it. Rachel's about to start crying, again, and Brendon tells her to keep it together. "I am trying," She near-sobs like a toddler at the fabric store. "There's no crying," Brendon tells her, which is the best new rule he's ever made. Like, in his entire life. Rachel asks, "Can we please get judged?" What the hell have been doing the past two years? Oh, she's talking to the witch. Soon they have their clue, but they're still in last place.

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