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Over some shots of lovely Turin, Italy, Phil tells us that the city hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics. Which is probably not news to anyone but myself, who had a one-year-old at the time and thus was completely unplugged from any form of external stimuli that wasn't 24. "And in the heart of the city: Piazza Castella." I don't know why that has to be a sentence fragment every damn week for twenty seasons. But it's the start of the fifth leg in a race around the world, so let's keep this moving.

We're reminded that Art and JJ won the previous leg (which is going to be a macro soon, at this rate), and thus they get to start this one first. At 8:57 AM, to be precise. Remember that. The clue tells them, "Make your way to the oldest state in Germany: Bavaria." They both seem pretty pleased about this, as Phil tells us that the teams will have to travel by train to Ehrwald, Austria. From there, they'll drive across the border into Bavaria and to the Gustof Zum Rassen restaurant. There's a banquet table all laid out before a large party of Travelocity gnomes, and even worse, a yodeling polka band kicking up a hell of a racket. The bottom of each gnome will have the next clue printed on the bottom -- along with a large Travelocity logo, of course.

Before the leg, Art and JJ congratulate themselves on "dominating" two legs in a row, and JJ attributes this in part to their being friends. "There's a difference between two dudes running the race that work together than a husband and wife... Art's an idiot most of the time, and I'm gonna let him know." Unlike the couples on this race. We see them locate and board the train as JJ says that their goal is to win the leg. "Looks like we're gonna be traveling all day today," Art says as their train heads across country. So that means only one thing: plenty of time for the other teams to catch up.

Thanks to Art and JJ winning the Fast Forward in the previous leg, Other Rachel and Dave are trailing significantly, leaving the Pit Stop at 11:33 AM. They're also happy to be Bavaria-bound. Joey "Fitness" and Danny, who are wearing knitted caps that look like the faces of cartoon characters, start the leg at 12:11 PM. The goofy hats do make both of them look less toolish, at least until Joey "Fitness" opens his mouth to explain that his hat, which looks like a panda with its tongue sticking out, is "flirty." In the back seat, Danny shrugs at who Joey "Fitness" thinks he's trying to flirt with. Anything and everything, I'm sure. At the Porta Nuova Station in Turin (way to be on the ball there, subtitles -- this is only the second time we've been here tonight), Other Rachel and Dave are already on the train when they see Team Jersey walking past on the platform outside. They're not happy to see them. But then, is anyone, ever?

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