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The end of the break finds them still waiting, as Andy tells Tommy to keep the faith. Aside from their different appearances, here's where we see the first difference between them: Andy is a bouncing ball of nervous energy, bopping up and down on his feet while Tommy refuses to even pace. Andy interviews that whatever happens is God's will. "God's always there with us and he's gonna help us," Tommy agrees. Eventually God gets out of the tub, because here comes the woman who has their clue, as well as another teacher who has a map printout telling them where to go. Off they go to find a new taxi. Once they're safely inside one, they agree that it's a goose chase, although they have different opinions as to whether the goose is crazy or wild. Cracks in the foundation of the team!

Back at the Pit Stop, Justin and Jennifer are team number four. "We were hoping for first place, but we'll take fourth," Justin shrugs. Which they only got because they were the only group on the second bus who didn't cut their cab loose at the canal. Told you that was a good call. Checking in with another team that was on the same bus, Jeremy and Sandy have stopped for directions, and the person they talk to advises them to go the rest of the way on foot. So they start doing that, despite Sandy's doubts.

Liz and Marie are dropped off at Bangkok Noi and are the last team to feed the fish, before getting their clue telling them that they may be eliminated (spoiler). Then they head into a marketplace and find yet another cabbie who will drive them someplace for free. Between this week and last, these two are going to be the death of Thailand's taxi industry.

Jeremy and Sandy? Lost. They get new directions from a guy who tells them it's a thirty-minute walk, so they get in another cab. "I don't know how people are gonna do this without money," Jeremy says. "We're taking cabs all over the place." Oh, they'll figure it out. Sandy aggrees that they lost a lot of time and could be dead last. "We have no idea."

At the Pit Stop, Andy and Tommy scamper around some trees and jump onto the mat. They're as surprised as I am to see Laurence and Zac arrive right behind them. "Hey, these two again! Where'd you guys come from?" Phil tells Andy and Tommy that they're team number five, and Laurence and Zac that they're team number six. Phil then asks Team Adventure what they were thinking getting off the bus. Laurence explains that they realized they were on a first-class bus, so they got off, ran three miles back, and got a second-class ticket. Phil instructs them, "With regards to the first-class travel, that rule only refers to air travel." Now he tells them. "So you were right to get on the bus, and you guys seriously could have gotten eliminated out of the race just because of that choice. You lost a lot of time." I think Phil's disappointment would sting more than coming in sixth instead of possibly second or even first. Laurence agrees, "One slip-up can cost you the race." Lucky for them other teams are flailing worse than they are. For now.

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