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Connor is carrying Dave's backpack as they spelunk the narrow alley that leads to the Rich Forest & Beauty dress store and the sound of the repurposed fail-gong. They collect their clue and thank the shopkeeper, Dave giving her a hug to boot. "Too close," he says on his way out as she smiles awkwardly.

Jet & Cord are at a ticket window, showing an agent the little model bubble that came with their clue and asking where they can find a tower with more of them on top of it. She sends them to Guangzhou Tower, which must be another name for the Canton Tower. Cord interviews about confidence and running one's own race, and as they wait on the platform for the next train, Cord says, "Surely they didn't run right past the wedding shop." Jet clearly does not share Cord's confidence on that score. Nobody should.

In fact, the Afghanimals and the Twinnies are still wandering around aimlessly. They spot the sign for the Silver Gorgeous Wedding Dress Shop, and this time the fail-gong is back to being used for its original use, because the twins insist they're in the wrong place and lead them away. The shopkeeper just laughs. Along with America.

The first trainload of racers from the second flight gets off the Metro, Mallory yammering away to both Jesus and Mark at the same time. Soon they're all hunting the streets. Margie narrates that at age 56 she's not the fastest runner, but Luke is pulling her along by the hand. She just needs to squeeze if she wants him to let go or slow down. Or say something to him, presumably. All four of these teams are still together as they find the Precious One Wedding Dress Shop. There must be so many stores here that all the names that made sense were taken, and the latecomers had to randomly select their names using magnetic poetry sets. That must have been one long lunch at the Panda Rainbow Crystal Dragon Bamboo Jade Buffet, I can imagine. These four teams all get their clues: Team Big Brother, Margie & Luke, Team Kentucky, and the Globetrotters, in that order. That was startlingly efficient.

But on the last train to the Street of Wedding Dresses, John already has found a local who is willing to show them how to get there. She leads them up the street, with Team YouTube and the country singers tagging along. Speaking of weddings, Jessica interviews that she and John have gotten engaged since their last race, and she's amazed at how involved John is in the planning. Yes, I just bet.

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