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The cowboys see the four of them running around and quietly stick with their plan, which is what they're doing when Dave & Connor's taxi approaches. Dave takes the cowboys' presence as a sign that they should get out of the cab. Meanwhile, Leo suggests going into a hotel to ask directions, spotting what he thinks are Amazing Flags out front. The Twinnies tactfully point out, "That's just Chinese flags." "Yeah, you lunatic, shut up." They interview that the Afghanimals are so stupid that they're even worse than the Twinnies themselves. Leo makes a dumb joke and laughs even dumber, prompting one of the twins to snap at him that it isn't funny. Which it isn't, but what else is new?

The cowboys are now searching the numerous back alleys of this district, where there are even more dress shops, if you can believe that shizz. They quickly find themselves at Silver Gorgeous Wedding Dress Shop, indicated by a subtitle on the screen and the gong sound that's usually used when a racer is being particularly idiotic. But four little Amazing Gift Bags with the clues are waiting for them, and the shopkeeper hands one over. Out in the alley, the bag contains not only the clue envelope, but a little round plastic bubble that could almost be a toy Jetsons car or something. The actual clue is telling them, "Travel by Metro to find the building in Guangzhou with bubbles on top." Never mind that Jet pronounces the name of the city as "Gang-zoo." We cut to that very tower, which according to Phil stands 1,968 feet and is the tallest tower in China. He also claims that Canton Tower has the world's highest Ferris wheel, but I don't see it. All I see is a slanted circular track around the perimeter of the gently raked roof that bubble-shaped cars slowly circumnavigate. George Ferris would look at that and be like, did Ferris Bueller invent that because I have no idea what you think that is. As it happens, the next clues are to be found inside those bubbles, just inside the sliding door. And we all know how much the Amazing Race likes to include height-based challenges in the first leg, so is it crazy to assume that clue will be asking someone to descend that tower the hard way? Whatever the case, Jet & Cord head out.

The second flight lands in Guangzhou, and some of the lagging teams -- Caroline & Jennifer, Jessica & John, and Meghan & Joey -- are running around in search of the Metro. Unfortunately for them, Team Big Brother and Team Kentucky are already on the platform as a train rolls in and Rachel leads a cheer for it. They embark, soon followed by the Globetrotters and Margie & Luke. Rachel then starts chanting for the doors to close before the other teams arrive, and they obligingly do. Don't encourage her, train doors. That leaves the last three teams on the next train together. "It's about to get crazy," Caroline says, probably optimistically.

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