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Phil is still describing Meghan & Joey as "YouTube sensations" from L.A. There are flashbacks to Joey acting like a big goofball during TAR 22, an experience that Joey apparently considers a success because their combined subscribers went from half a million to three million. Congratulations on getting more internet-famous, guys. Meghan says they want to make their fans proud. I'm not sure that's possible.

The freshest team is Leo & Jamal, the cousins who last season referred to themselves as the "Afghanimals," which believe it or not was just about the least irritating thing about them. Leo says that they were "sneaky" and "conniving" in their previous season, which is a generous way of putting it when they were in fact "constantly and transparently lying to everyone for no reason at all." They felt targeted last season, though they don't say anything about having brought that on themselves, and claim that their "creativity" will go up a notch this time around. Does that mean better lies? Oh, and they're still unfunny buffoons.

There's one more team who's back for a third shot: Margie & Luke, another parent/child team. Luke, who is deaf, sign-terviews (with subtitles as always) that he screwed up with the final surfboard challenge in TAR 14 and the tea challenge in TAR 18, but he wants to make up for it -- twice. Maybe if he's figured out how to not get crippled by frustration. As for Margie, she's pretty nervous, being five years older than she was when she first did this. Luke says she's now the bionic woman, not that that wasn't her nickname five years ago as well. Maybe she's gotten a hip replacement since then.

Finally, Bopper & Mark, the two best friends and self-described country boys from Clay County, Kentucky show up in matching Kentucky t-shirts. Bopper's hair has grown back from his head-shaving challenge, fortunately, but it's also grown on his chin in a configuration I can only describe as rather less fortunate. There's a flashback to a lot of Bopper's trademark yelling during TAR 20, and he interviews, "We gon' ride together, we gon' die together." Not to give anything away, but Bopper has spoken too soon.

So now that we've re-met everyone, they run along the track surrounding the field and assume the traditional crescent formation in front of Phil. "Nice to see familiar faces," he half-lies, and starts off with an announcement. "Last night, one of our racers had to make an emergency visit with our race doctor." The teams react, and some actually look as if they're thinking, "Wait, was it me?"

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