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Ugh, stupid Brendon & Rachel are back too, after parlaying their Big Brother showmance into a run on TAR 20. And yes, they were on two seasons of Big Brother as well. I just can't seem to get away from these fucking people. Needless to say, Rachel has shown up in spangly green hot pants and thigh-highs. There's a flashback to some of her multiple meltdowns during their first season, and she says that they got to the final leg (which they did because that year's cast was almost completely lame), but they "lost track of what it is to work together." Not that they ever had track of it. Brendon adds that since they're now married they'll be fighting a lot less. Even Rachel doesn't believe that, and she busts out her annoying laugh to prove it. The sooner they're gone the happier I'll be. My only concern is that Rachel's many maddening habits include her tendency to win CBS reality shows on her second try.

Remember how Jessica & John had an Express Pass in their possession when they got eliminated on the fourth leg of TAR 22? Yeah, so do they. The flashback even includes the moment after their Philimination when Phil turned to the camera and said, "Oy vey." Now older, wiser, and much more floppy-haired, John freely admits, "That was dumb." Jessica promises no oy vey moments this time. It's already too late for that; instead of dumping him in Sequesterville, Jessica has since gone and gotten engaged to him. Oy vey.

Also back for a third time are Harlem Globetrotters "Flight Time" and "Big Easy," from TAR 15 and TAR 18. Big Easy says neither of them has lost a basketball game in years, but they've lost The Amazing Race twice. Though it looks like they had fun doing it, according to the flashbacks. "No excuses this time," Flight Time says, and Big Easy adds, "We're older, and wiser, and we still look good." Maybe if they could run a season against the Washington Generals? In other words, most of the teams from TAR 20.

Dave & Connor are the father/son team from Salt Lake City whose race was cut short after Dave's Achilles tendon snapped like a guitar string at the end of the second leg of TAR 22. Not that they left the race until the fifth leg, mind you. Connor says that they were winning legs anyway, and Dave says they're going to "show everyone what an old man and a young kid can do." Because there's never been a parent-child team on this show before.

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