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Jessica & John are team number eight, and Jessica interviews that she's happy not to even have the Express Passes, "because we don't have to worry about not using it, or using it. We don't have to worry about it at all." If the cowboys are smart, they'll give their extra one to these two just to fuck with their heads.

Caroline & Jennifer arrive in ninth place, though we never saw Jennifer doing the task, and then Joey & Meghan show up at the Roadblock in tenth place. He takes this one, and they're both aware of the Twinnies behind them. They shouldn't be too worried, because when Natalie tells Nadiya to decide and Nadiya says she doesn't care, Natalie shrieks, "Decide! I'm sick of making decisions and you're yelling at me!" So Nadiya tells Natalie to do it. Joey is dressed by now, running past Meghan as they both agree that he looks like a beautiful dragon. As Natalie is getting into her harness in the changing tent, Joey is being lifted off the platform in his usual shrill manner. "Holy fricking crap, I feel terrified," he says. So, the usual. Natalie is running for another tower as Joey does his flips, and is just boarding the elevator by the time he finishes. "Serious wedgie," she remarks. Joey & Meghan read their lest clue of the leg and head for the Pit Stop. "Come on, Twinnie!" Nadiya yells, and the next thing you know, Joey & Meghan are at the mat, in tenth place, still in the race. Which can only mean one thing for the Twinnies, and the musical score knows it. As Natalie rises from the platform, squealing, "Oh my God, wedgie." Back on the ground, Nadiya remarks on how much they sucked today. "We made all the mistakes that we said we wouldn't, so it feels really, really bad." But, as Natalie does her flips, she says that she's happy to have Natalie as her twin sister. Good, because that's one thing that isn't going to change. Natalie finishes up, and they finally get to jog to the mat in what looks like very late afternoon, going by the angle of the sun. Phil wastes no time telling them that they're last, and that they've been eliminated. Unsurprisingly, they can't with this. "I can't even look at you, Phil," Nadiya says. Oh, come on, his hat isn't that dorky. In their final interview, she says it was the worst day to have a bad day, and it was one of their worst days ever. "We're twins for God's sakes, and today we just tore each other apart instead of working together like we should have. But you know, it's like, why can't we just get it together?" That's something Natalie can agree with. And she got her hair colored just for one measly episode, too.

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