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After the ads, Natalie snaps, "Nadi! We should have gone in that one! You're an idiot! Now we're just giving up spaces for no reason." Nadiya maintains that it wasn't worth the risk, even as Natalie insists that the even-numbered ones are right, and she's getting on #4 with or without her sister. Turns out it's with, and after they find their clue, Nadiya bitches, "We should have gone on two in the first place." Wasn't she the one saying not to? I mean, the blonde streaks don't lie. Considering how they just switched sides like that, I'm starting to wonder if I didn't get them confused in mid-argument during their previous season. Soon Joey & Meghan get off the ride in tenth place as the Twinnies helplessly watch from inside their on bubble, knowing they're in last.

A whole batch of teams are at the stadium now. From the waiting area, Big Easy says Flight Time looks terrible in his flame costume, but Caroline tells him, "Flight looks like a sexy piece of spinning meat." I always liked her. Big Easy half-kiddingly accuses her of working some angle: "Don't lie, he looks terrible." In the elevator, Flight Time says, "Better me than Big Easy. That would be a sight to see." Indeed, that would be a serious load-testing for that cable, and possibly the tower itself. As she's getting lifted off the platform, Mallory cheerfully says, "I don't feel very safe!" Nonetheless she starts flipping, hanging onto the cables the whole time, while Flight Time sets about demonstrating his name by doing his flips smoothly, one after the other. Soon they're both coming down on their separate towers, Mallory slightly ahead and Flight Time gracefully rotating so that he's descending head-first. "You look like a plucked turkey!" Big Easy encourages.

The twins finally get to step off the ride, as one of them says, "If we get eliminated today, I am going back to Sri Lanka and never coming back." The other one says they won't get eliminated, but they're going to have to hurry because the subtitles have them currently in last place.

Mark and Mallory arrive at the mat just ahead of Flight Time and Big Easy, in sixth and seventh place respectively. Phil turns to Mark to ask about his emotional state given his absent partner. Mark says that they're doing their best for Bopper. There's yet another flashback to when Bopper & Mark were an actual team, as Mark interviews that God had other plans for Bopper. And his pancreas. Mallory says they're both missing their teammates, but Mark says they'll figure it out. "It's gonna be great," Mallory says. Who is she trying to convince?

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