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Margie is ready to do the high-wire flips. Well, she's dressed for it, which is not the same as ready. Luke signs that she doesn't like heights and prefers to keep both feet on the ground. She does indeed look pretty unhappy in that elevator. "I have something to prove to all those old women out there," she interviews as Luke dutifully rolls his eyes. I suspect that Luke wouldn't have minded doing this as much, but this might be one of those tasks that require the racer to follow verbal directions like they've run into before. Connor is already doing his flips at high speed, putting him and his dad in third place. Margie looks terrified as she leaves the lower platform, but starts the flipping as soon as possible. Unlike everyone else who's done this, she's pushing off on the cables, and when she's done the subtitles say she's in fourth place, so that must not be against the rules after all. "Okay I'm done, take me down!" she wails. Back on the platform, she's nearly sobbing as she says it was so cool, almost incoherently. This seems to have taken rather a lot out of her. Maybe she really is 56.

Jamal watches Leo do his flips, and yells up at him to do one more. "Just for fun," he says. Leo doesn't need to be told twice, and flips a few more times on the way down before deciding, "Okay, that's enough." The only time in history one of the Afghanimals decided that something was enough.

Dave & Connor are team number three, Margie & Luke are team number four (and Phil still remembers how to sign that), and Leo & Jamal are team number five. "And we're very sexy!" Jamal yells. Hilarious.

The "Ferris wheel" stops, and off step Team Kentucky in sixth place, the Globetrotters in seventh, and Jessica & John in eighth place. Nadiya observes that all of these teams were in even-numbered bubbles, but Joey & Meghan, who were in an odd-numbered car, are hanging around to board another one. And the country singers are out of there in ninth. While waiting to re-embark, Meghan says they should take #16, which of course works out for her and Joey. Finally the Twinnies get to disembark, and Nadiya is already yelling about whether they should take car #2 on the theory that all even-numbered cars have a clue, or wait for #12 because they know for sure it has one. By now, Meghan has already spotted the stadium below, so they know where to go. Unlike the Twinnies, who are still arguing about whether to get on #2 or keep waiting for #12. Considering how long a circuit takes, Natalie thinks it's stupid to wait another 25 minutes when they're in last place. They continue to argue even as car #2, stands there waiting for them with its door open. Finally, the car leaves without them, and they get to watch it inching away, knowing that Team YouTube's incredibly slow ride is already half over.

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