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Brendon's ready to head up there, and he and Cord high-five as they pass each other at the base of the tower. Divested of his flame-suit, Cord listens to Jet read the next clue: "Make your way on foot to the next Pit Stop." Phil says that's the Guangzhou Opera House, which looks a bit like Sydney's if it somehow became partially melted and entirely evil. "This futuristic building has become a favorite of architecture enthusiasts around the world," Phil claims, ballsily. He reminds us of the two Express Passes waiting for the first team to show up, and that "the last team to arrive will be eliminated." So no fucking around, you guys.

As Brendon is lifted off his feet, he says, "Aw, yeah, world's biggest wedgie!" And then an Amazing Editor puts up one of those Twitter hashtags, which I normally ignore, but since this one is "#worldsbiggestwedgie," I only wish I could. As Rachel hollers up that horrible nickname she has for him, "Bukie," he does five clumsy backflips and is done. "I'm king of the world!" he bellows as he's being lowered down. Revolution!

Jet & Cord come running up to the Opera House where a local is standing next to Phil in medieval Chinese armor. He welcomes them to Guangzhou, China, and Phil -- who is not wearing his hat quite as well as Jet & Cord are, all tipped forward like he's trying to get the brim level for maximum aerodynamics -- addresses them. "Cowboys, you're back for a third time." Cord modestly says they'd better stop messing up, and Phil says they've got a good start because they're team number one. Which happened a lot their first two races as well, if memory serves. Phil presents them with the two Express Passes, and Jet interviews that he'd rather not have to give the other one away. Well, duh. "I think anybody that asks me, I'm just gonna tell them I've left it up to Cord." After a beat, Cord says, "Hey, don't do that." Oh their gravy.

Back at Canton Tower, Natalie & Nadiya are making the most of the spectacular view by arguing and blaming each other for their current situation. In the other cars, the other teams can tell it's getting ugly in there. That includes the teams that don't have a clue yet either, but they're still not freaking out like the Twinnies are. Natalie & Nadiya do agree on one thing, which is that this is the worst day ever.

Brendon & Rachel come running up to the mat, and they're team number two. The bright side is that I'm done with them for the week.

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