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Dave & Connor leave the bubble ride in fifth place, just as the country singers arrive just ahead of Natalie & Nadiya. The latter team watches the former team boards a car, and Natalie says she thinks there's a clue in every car. As they step inside one, she's quite confident that they'll have a clue as soon as the door closes, and is stunned to instead see the message telling her try again. Nadiya, as you might guess, angrily wails that she told Natalie so, as Natalie asks why she didn't tell her. Now they have a whole nice, long, slow ride to yell at each other.

And now we're already at the next destination. I was obviously wrong about Canton Tower being the site of the traditional first-leg heights challenge, but that doesn't mean there isn't one. Facing the open-air stadium that's just across the river from the tower are four smaller but still rather gigantic T-shaped towers. The cowboys have arrived at the clue box at their base, and Jet opens the envelope for a Roadblock. "Who's feeling wired?" Over shots of the structure, Phil informs us, "This awe-inspiring stadium hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Asian Games." And there's some footage of aerialists flying around during those poor man's Olympics to prove it. As for today, "Teams are required to perform five high-wire flips as they travel 300 feet to the top of a stadium tower." This is the kind of high-wire they hang from in a harness, not the kind they walk on, so this is actually quite possible. "When the wire master has flipped out over their performance," Phil says, "he'll hand them their next clue." I don't know, that kid doesn't look like he'd flip out over anything.

Jet nominates Cord for this one. They run to the towers, where Cord is horrified to realize what this is actually going to entail. Yes, he's going to have to put on a flame-colored leotard. As he quickly ducks into the changing tent and doffs his omnipresent cowboy hat, Jet talks about how great it would be to have the Express Pass. Team Big Brother arrives, and Brendon is doing this one. Cord comes running out in his costume, and the brothers interview about how those were his colors. Jet watches a quick demonstration on how to perform the flips, and boards the elevator that looks like it's taking him to the top of a NASA rocket. "Three hundred feet, man, you guys have something about heights in this town, huh?" he says to one of the guides, a bit aggressively. As he rides up, looking increasingly nervous, we hear him interview about how they've been outside their comfort zone on the race before, and all he can do is do it, "sweet suit" and all. Soon Cord has been connected to the two wires that are now raising him from the middle platform toward the top one high above him. Jet and Rachel watch from below as he's lifted into position. "And, action," Cord says calmly, and commences flipping backward, over and over. He's not touching the wires at his sides, so I'm wondering if that's a rule. Whatever the case, he's soon finished, not particularly gracefully, but he's yipping and whooping as he gets lowered back down, repeating his observation about Guangzhou and heights to Jet at the top of his lungs. Going down in the elevator, he tells the guide, "Not for me, man. I ride bulls." Yes, that's much safer.

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