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There are still four teams wandering the bridal district together: the twins, the country singers, Team JJ, and Team YouTube. The Twinnies decide that they should split off from the others with the country singers, which with their luck means that Jessica & John and Joey & Meghan should be finding their clues momentarily.

The Afghanimals join the alleged Ferris wheel ride atop Canton Tower, and the first car they get in (#10) has an actual clue. Over in car #12, Brendon observes that the teams on each side of them don't look happy, whereas the cowboys did, which tells Rachel that the clues must be in even-numbered bubbles. They exit the ride in second place, Rachel hoping to "totally win this Express Pass," as Luke & Margie change cars and get a proper clue in this one.

Meanwhile, the two all-female teams are still lost, and one of the Twinnies threatens to strangle herself with one of the dresses. Whereas Jessica & John and Joey & Meghan are finding their way to Silver Gorgeous Wedding Shop and getting their clues in eighth and ninth place. Caroline says to her compatriots that they need a plan as they realize they're the only two teams still here. Currently their plan appears to be standing in the alley and complaining.

During the ad break, Natalie appears to have found someone who knows all of these shops. "Where was this guy hours ago?" she wonders. Living his life, maybe? He leads them right to Silver Gorgeous, which Natalie remembers seeing and not looking inside before. Of course they're all out of clues there now, and also at Rich Forest & Beauty. "The second shop, all the clues were gone," the twins interview in creepy unison. All they can do is follow their guide at a run to Precious One, which has the last two clues. "Oh, God, we love you, Twinnies," says one of the country singers. God knows why.

As the ride stops, Dave & Connor decide to get on car #16 because that was the one the cowboys were in. Assuming the clue isn't one they took with them. Of course, it isn't, and it's still there when Dave & Connor go inside. Mark & Mallory decide to take over the Afghanimals' bubble, since they look like they know where they're going, and a minute later so does Team Kentucky. Or do they? Margie & Luke leave in fourth place, just before the Globetrotters arrive ahead of Jessica & John and Joey & Meghan. The Globetrotters and Team JJ get clues, but Team YouTube is out of luck. Meanwhile, Mallory is looking down at all the rivers below and wondering if maybe there's a different stadium they should be looking for instead of the one that's the most crashingly obvious single structure in the hundred square miles currently visible to them. Mark interviews that Mallory doesn't know him well enough to trust his decisions yet, and Mallory eventually decides he's right. Good of her.

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