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The Twinnies and Afghanimals are still nowhere, at one point opening an unmarked door and starting up a dark staircase to what is probably someone's apartment. And the poor shopkeepers are still waiting patiently for one of them to show up.

Jet & Cord arrive by train and on foot at Canton Tower, and are pretty amazed at the glass elevator ride to the top. "If you fall from this far, that bubble ain't gonna save you," Jet remarks. I wouldn't even want to roll that far. They emerge onto the rooftop and select one of the bubble cars, number 15. Jet interviews that it was nothing but city in every direction, and that he's never seen anything like it. Hasn't he been on the Amazing Race twice already? "Oh your gravy," he says to Cord. As the door slides shut, Jet spots what looks like a clue affixed to the inside of the door just under the window, but when he lifts the hinged flap it just says "Try Again." Not what they were hoping to see. But they're already stuck in the incredibly slow-moving car, and they have to wait for the ride to be over before they can check another one. "Where in the heck is everybody else?" Jet wonders. Behind you, somewhere.

Back at the bridal district, five teams are still searching for one of the right shops when they all run into each other. The Twinnies are obviously not pleased to have been caught up by teams from the second flight. "We've made no progress with these fools," Nadiya interviews, referring to the Afghanimals. They rifle through the racks of poufy dresses, and Joey channels his stress into a five-second Bridezilla act that still goes on too long. Failing to find any clues, the country singers decide to leave with the other teams to find someone who speaks English, and ditch the Afghanimals. "Fine with us," Jamal interviews winningly. Now on their own, the Afghanimals get directions from a woman on a moped to Silver Gorgeous, and receive their clue in seventh place. The one time in history ditching the Afghanimals proved to be the wrong move.

Jet & Cord's ride ends, and they step off the car and get right on the next one, number 16. "We're still first in line," Jet chirps. "Awesome!" Indeed, no other teams have even shown up yet. Cord makes a drumroll sound before lifting the flap, which this time does appear to have a clue behind it. They read, "Search for your next clue at the stadium on the river below." That would be Haixinsha Stadium, according to the subtitles, and from the top of Canton Tower it's almost directly below them, looking like a larger, half-buried version of Jabba the Hutt's sail barge. While Jet & Cord wait out their ride, the next team shows up, and the cowboys are flabbergasted to see that it's Margie & Luke, given that they were on the second flight. Dave & Connor and Team Big Brother show up next and pile into bubbles of their own as the cowboys watch. And then from inside their cars, where the clues are, the other teams start looking all over the damn city for the next clue. "Look at the door," Cord says quietly and patiently as the others look everywhere but at the door. "Seriously?" Jet marvels at how slow everyone is. Mark & Mallory are coming up the stairs by the time Margie spots the clue in her and Luke's car, and Brendon finally points out to Rachel the clue they didn't notice in like five minutes of being in there. But then reading a room was never their strong suit. Alas for Margie & Luke, their clue tells them to try again, as does Dave & Connor's and Mark & Mallory's, but Brendon & Rachel have a valid clue in their bubble. Dammit. The other teams see the cowboys exiting the ride and heading for the elevator, but while Brendon & Rachel can't get off until their incredibly slow lap is completed, at least know where they're going from here, unlike the other teams.

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