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Okay, this is actually pretty cool. We're looking down at the football field at UCLA, where the Bruins marching band forms the letters "TAR 24" while playing a brass-and-drums-heavy version of the Amazing Race theme. Damned hospitable of them. Phil comes running out onto the field among them, saying this band has been playing for more than 90 years. Wow, and they look so young. Phil adds, "Today, this is the start of an epic adventure for eleven of the most memorable teams looking to rewrite their Amazing Race history." Or, in most cases, just adding another sad chapter to it.

The first team to come trotting down the bleacher steps are Jet & Cord, the brothers-slash-cowboys from Oklahoma who made it to the final three in TAR 16 and returned for TAR 18, which unlike this "All-Stars" season had the more accurate title of "Unfinished Business." Obviously they didn't win that one either. There's a sepia-toned flashback made to look as though we're peering through the mists of time to a supercut of them riding yaks and saying "Oh, my gravy." In the present, Cord (the redheaded one) tells us that he got married the day before their second race, and Jet had a two-year-old at the time, so their heads weren't entirely in the game. But this one will be easier, he promises. "Definitely back in the saddle," Cord says. I'd suggest that the Amazing Race is more like riding bareback, but then I'd have to bring up Jet & Cord's offscreen homophobia and nobody wants that.

Next are Jennifer & Caroline, the blonde country singers from Nashville. Jennifer admits that they were "a little boy-crazy" the last time around, thus the flashbacks of them hugging shopkeepers and flirting with TAR 22's eventual winners, Bates & Anthony. Caroline says, "We have no boyfriends on this race to distract us." Or to help them either, so it'll be interesting to see how they do without them. I'm sure another team will be happy to step up. You'll see who I mean.

Natalie & Nadiya are also back. They're the identical twins who were born in New York but raised in Sri Lanka, and even Phil is referring to them as "Twinnies" now. Natalie has helpfully added some blonde streaks to her hair so I can tell them apart now, as she interviews that they can be loud and obnoxious. The flashbacks of them arguing with each other during TAR 21 are certainly bearing that out. Nadiya freely admits that they were "a hot mess" then, but are now "more focused on productivity." Natalie tells her to shut up because if you're not a hot mess you're not racing right. This bodes well.

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