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"Guangzhou, China has been referred to as the world's factory," Phil narrates, "where you can find anything at a competitive price." Just like in a factory? He's coming to us from outside the Guangzhou Opera house, which he describes as "award-winning." I might believe that if there's an award for buildings that look like spaceships. But it's now the start of the second leg, so what're you gonna do? Cowboys Jet & Cord won the first leg, so they're starting this one at 8:16 AM, like it's an office job or something. The first clue of the leg reads, "Make your way to the Chen Clan Academy and stand still in front of the master to receive your next clue." In a clip, the leader of a yellow-clad tai chi class advances aggressively on the camera and then presses an inkstamp on the forehead of a production assistant, so presumably that's what the racers will have to undergo.

Jet & Cord run into each other while trying to leave the mat, which is some foreshadowing right there. Leaving the grounds of the opera house, they wonder not only where they're going, but whether they need a cab to get there. Jet interviews that after winning the two Express Passes in the first leg, they're happy to have one for themselves, but the one they have to give away is "just kind of a headache." Jet agrees that they've been trying to decide whom to give it to and when. Has it occurred to them to hold it over every other team's heads to get what they want like Marie did last season? No? On one of the city's vast pedestrian walkways, they find a local who can understand them enough to know where they're going, but can't get them to understand that it's probably too far to run. In subtitled Chinese (sorry, I don't know how to distinguish between Mandarin and Cantonese so I'm just using the generic term like a RACIST), he explains that it would be about a fifty-minute run. He tries to convey this by holding up five fingers, which Cord interprets as five kilometers. The local tries to further clarify by pointing to his watch, holding up a finger to wait, and then showing them five fingers. The cowboys seem satisfied that they've only got a fifteen-minute run ahead of them, thanks to the combined phenomena of the language barrier and hearing what they want to hear.

In news related to things you don't want to hear, Brendon & Rachel are leaving the mat in second place, at 8:23 AM. Rachel starts running off in a random direction, cutting through a densely wooded park for some reason while Brendon tries to both keep up and figure out what she's doing, which latter task is extra difficult because she doesn't know what she's doing either. Before the leg, she interviews that she and Brendon worked well together in their first leg this time around. "No emotions," she explains, and Brendon says they've already had a leg where Rachel hasn't cried so they're doing well. Rachel acts mock-offended, which is better than crying. They do manage to find a local who advises them via mime to take the Metro. She's either moving her hand low along the ground to indicate that they should be on the subway, or to indicate that they should lie down on the ground and never get up again.

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