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In the Nuance van, Kendra comments that she likes this much better than Dakar. "It's a different kind of poverty. It's like these people choose to be this way." Right. It's only sensible to resent poverty a lot more when it's thrust upon unwilling people who are poor in spite of their best efforts -- those are the people I just hate. This poverty, actually, she finds "refreshing." Oh, and one more thing -- "The animals aren't even as skinny." I bet the people in Dakar are so embarrassed that they subjected Kendra to their bony goats. They'll try to do better next time. Lori and Bolo, meanwhile, pull over to ask for directions. Jonathan stops some kid on the street and hauls him into the van to be a guide, promising to pay him. Victoria asks whether the kid knows where they're going, and Jonathan says, "It doesn't make a difference." Well, really. It's important not to get bogged down in the details when you're trying to get a difficult task accomplished in a reasonable time. And then in the van, Jonathan tries to get the "guide" to understand that they're in a "competition," and Victoria's like, "Yeah, he doesn't care, we just need to go fast." This, because it makes sense, is very offensive to Jonathan, who tells her, "Work with me, here!" No, he really does. Just like he's a movie director in a satirical movie about movie directors. Elsewhere, Hayden and Aaron hop out and ask for directions.

Hornio is first to find the next clue, and they're followed closely by Lori and Bolo. Oh, and Bolo wipes out, which is awesome, because guys falling down is really funny, especially when they're really big guys who could snap you in half like a number-two pencil but probably won't, because they'll trip before they get to you. When Hornio opens the clue, it's a Detour. And the options are Raise the Roof and Mud the Hut. I'm sorry, "Raise the Roof"? Is this a Detour from 1992? Will the Fly Girls be participating? As Phil explains, in Raise the Roof, you join some locals and help haul the frame of a roof to a hut and place it on top. This is being described as the physically demanding but not difficult option. Not that I'm sure how difficult it can be with nine freaking people involved. In Mud the Hut, you haul mud over to a wall and hurl it all over the wall until you cover it. Oh, and the mud has glass shards or drill bits or piranhas or something in it, apparently, but we won't learn that until later. Phil claims that the complication is that it "could take a long time," but I think really the complication is that it's mud. The teams stand around wondering which of the two tasks is easier, and Lori and Bolo and Spazpants ultimately go with the mud, while Hornio takes the hut.

Lori and Bolo load mud onto a carrier (sort of like a stretcher) with a shovel, and then they haul it over to the wall they have to cover. And Jonathan decides to strip to his red underpants for the job. Which is great, because if you're going to star in your very own Theater of the Absurd, the least you can do is get a decent clown suit. They load up some mud.

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