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When we return, El Hornio is still not reading the room, so he's still trying to get Rebecca to tell him that everything is all right, which he expresses in the form of ordering her to stop crying. Yeah, good one. She responds by pulling her hood over her head, and he does likewise, thinking it's cute, because they're Pouty Twins. Which it isn't. Cute, I mean. It's certainly plenty pouty. El Hornio tells Rebecca he's sorry, he loves her...they need to break up more than anyone has ever needed to break up, ever. Rebecca tells us that she hates it when they have these big fights -- not because it's personally painful, but because it interferes with their racing. Sigh. El Hornio keeps trying to hold her hand, she keeps trying not to let him...oy. This actually would be less uncomfortable if Emeril did show up, and that is saying a lot.

The Model (?) Alliance gets on its flight to Cairo, and then on to Ethiopia. Then Kris and Jon, Hornio, and Spazpants hop on their flight to Rome. And speaking of Rome, here we are in the airport, where these late Rome-flyers are catching up with a sleepy-looking Lori and Bolo. Jon is impressed to hear that Lori and Bolo have been hanging out in the Rome airport since last night. So basically, you have four teams going in one bunch and two (the Model [?] Alliance) in another on the way to Addis Ababa. And when they get there, it will be one of two charters -- one leaves at 8:00 AM, one at 8:30.

At 10:00 PM, the Rome group lands, and they run for the departure counter where the charters are. Hornio gets there first, followed by Spazpants, then Lori and Bolo. El Hornio explains that he's happy Kris and Jon didn't make it, because he thinks they're really strong, and he'd love to see them knocked out. Kris and Jon arrive and are the first of the three teams on the second charter. Boooo! And they show Kris saying, "That sucks," which comes right after the part where she says "Fuck!" on the Insider. I'm telling you, you'll giggle. "Fuck!" Hee hee. Not that it makes her stop smiling.

On a shuttle, a very, very snoozy-looking Freddy tells us that it's 3:30 AM, and they're just getting off their lovely flight from Cairo. Aaron is pretty sure they're running behind the other four teams at this point. They sign up for the loser charter.

Morning! First charter flight, which the teams are spending being surprised by the fact that Ethiopia really doesn't look the way they remember it from Live Aid. Okay, they probably don't remember Live Aid, because they were all zygotes at the time. But if they did, that's what they'd be thinking. El Hornio is impressed by how green and gorgeous it is. Yep. That's what getting over a drought will do to you. The second charter follows. When the first plane lands at Lalibela Airport, Spazpants is the first to go out and pick a van. They rip a clue that tells them to direct their driver to take them to what Jonathan calls "Louisville Village." Phil explains that it's actually Lewz Village. Eh...same thing? Maybe he thinks it's an airport code, the way "MSP" is for the Twin Cities. Anyway, at the village, they'll find their clue at an overlook. Hornio and Lori and Bolo follow. Jonathan, because the directions require you to direct your driver yourself, spends a lot of time trying to pick up a local, to the point where Victoria shrieks at him that the second charter is landing while he's standing there scheming. "Oh, be quiet," he says with disgust. Indeed, the second charter lands just as Spazpants is getting on its way. This is where one begins to wonder whether Jonathan is going to fall victim to overreliance on his ask-a-local technique. One can only hope.

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