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Lori and Bolo are the first to the airport, and they get themselves on a flight via Rome that will leave Nice this evening at 6:05 PM. They decide to keep looking. Hornio follows, but they don't have much luck finding anything any earlier than that, either. By the time Nuance arrives, they head for Air France, but they get cut off by an approaching Lori and Booooo-lo, still looking for alternatives. It's very hard to tell where Nuance even is during this sequence, but Kendra winds up taking the position that Lori and Bolo cut in line. She tells them so, and then she tells us so, referring to Lori and Bolo as "the barbarians" in that lovely way she has. "We're actually getting very sick of their childish antics," sayeth the princess who can't walk through a foreign country without requiring a diplomatic maneuver of apology. Ultimately, Lori and Bolo are going with a flight through Rome, where they'll have to spend the night and then leave for Addis Ababa, not arriving until 10:00 the following night. So it's basically daytime on one day, and they're not going to get to the next clue until late night of the following day. It's a good thing Hayden and Aaron didn't miss that ferry, isn't it? There's no way they could have kept up with this blistering pace otherwise.

Freddy works on tickets at another counter, and when he calls Kendra over (since when are the two people on a team allowed to wait in different lines? That's new), she tells him that Lori and Bolo butted in front of her. I have news for you, dearie -- if you're there without your teammate, you have nothing, as far as I'm concerned, and anyone can go anywhere in front of you that they'd like. Freddy, unsurprisingly, does not agree. "I promise you, that'll never happen again," he says solemnly, putting an arm around her shoulders and looking deeply into her eyes. Because apparently, the fact that someone just butted in line in front of her (maybe) makes her...a trauma victim? ["I thought that surely Freddy would burst out laughing right after that and go, 'Not. Toughen up, lady.' But he didn't, so…he's a dweeb." -- Sars] She's like a Lifetime movie with Tracey Gold, only sadder. I mean...there are some delicate chicks in the world, but that's really something. I'm surprised she survives the grocery store. Wait, what am I saying? She doesn't go to the grocery store.

Elsewhere, Hornio gets the news that the flight to Rome that Lori and Bolo are on is full, so they're on a later Air France flight. El Hornio notes that they're going to be in Nice for the evening. Well, that'll be a fun time. Alone in a foreign country with the person who brings out the worst in you...what could be better? Because the only thing that makes dysfunction even more enjoyable is a language barrier and an argument at the currency exchange. Nuance gets a flight through Cairo, landing in Addis Ababa at 3:00 AM -- about five hours after Lori and Bolo are scheduled to land. When Hayden and Aaron show up, they ask Nuance what kind of help they're getting from Lufthansa. Getting that the answer is "not much" as far as anything leaving any time soon, Hayden and Aaron decide to go with Nuance on that Cairo route, so they won't be getting in until 3:00 in the morning on what is now the day after tomorrow. Ow.

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