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Are There Instructions On Donkey-Handling?

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Taking out the trash

El Hornio is being led on a wild monk chase.

Nuance is still sitting out their Yield. Kendra says some stuff about how she's totally out to get Hornio now, but honestly, your chances at revenge are few and far between in this game, so it's better not to fixate on it. Elsewhere, Rebecca and her crap-ass karma stand around waiting for El Hornio to return. She could tip all of her cabbies a hundred dollars, and it would never make up for this.

Hayden and Aaron run up to the pit stop and hope on the mat. Welcome, Hayden and Aaron, you're team number one. And you win a trip to "exotic Mexico." Phil says he was worried about them at the end of the last leg. "We needed a little kick in the pants to get going," Hayden says. She says she knew they had it in them, and she just hopes all the bad luck is in the past. Well, sure. That's where you want to keep it.

Next to the pit stop are Lori and Bolo. Welcome, you're team number two. And..."Wow, you guys just really don't smell so good right now," Phil says. They laugh. "Want a hug?" Lori offers. Phil's like, "Yeah, ha ha, boundaries, people."

Welcome, Kris and Jon. You're team number three. They smooch.

El Hornio is freeeeeaking out. He's just figured out that he's not where he's supposed to be, so he's begging to be taken back. Meanwhile, the sand runs out on Freddy and Kendra, so they go and rip the Roadblock. She puts it on him immediately. "Honey, be very detailed," she says to Freddy, just as he rounds a corner and wipes out. If I had been her, I would have called out, "Not that detailed!", even though I wouldn't have been sure what it meant. There's no way I could have resisted.

This leaves Rebecca and Kendra standing at the Roadblock together, waiting for their errant boyfriends/ex-boyfriends to return. "Why didn't you guys Yield them? Why did you guys Yield us?" Kendra asks. Rebecca gets her total snot on as she stares down Kendra and says all you-can't-make-me-tell, "So many questions." Well, yeah, moron, you just screwed her in a way that makes absolutely no sense, and you did it at someone else's command. It's a perfectly fair thing to do, but she may ask you why. Also, Rebecca? Everyone knows that means you have no idea why you Yielded them, because you didn't think about it that hard. So it's not like you're fooling anyone anyway.

Freddy gets his medallion. El Hornio returns with his, so they're both looking. (Or so the timeline would have us believe.) Freddy is so excited to find the right one and get his clue that he leans over and almost hugs the guy, burying his face in the guy's shoulder. Don't do that, Freddy. That's creepy. El Hornio, meanwhile, becomes frustrated when one guy's hand is covering part of his medallion.

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