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Are There Instructions On Donkey-Handling?

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Taking out the trash

Kris searches worshippers, as does Lori, who is beginning to insist that none of them match hers. Kris finally hands her medallion over and gets her clue. She and Jon pick up some kids along the way who are going to show them where the pit stop is. Lori, on the other hand, is convinced hers isn't there, but she gives hers to "the only one that comes close." Turns out it's the right one, so she and Bolo leave for the pit stop.

And now, in a sequence that made no sense to me at all, as Hornio approaches the donkey station, they run into Jonathan and Victoria, coming the other direction. Jonathan tells El Hornio, with regard to Freddy and Kendra, "[El Hornio]! Yield them for us." So Hornio steps on the Yield and...Yields Freddy and Kendra. What? WHAT? El Hornio insists that it was important to Yield Nuance to stay in the game. For "self-preservation." Okay, morons. Listen up. If you really want to make sure you stay in the game, don't Yield the people who are right behind you. Yield the people who just found out they have to go three miles back and get another fucking donkey. Those people will then have to wait another half-hour (or however long) before they can go, and they really, really have no chance of being ahead of you. The way the episode ends, of course, will validate my view on this, but I thought that even at the time. And also, why are you doing favors for an asshole? Shut up, stupid Hornio.

When Nuance gets to the mat, Freddy blames Kendra for the fact that they're Yielded. That didn't seem necessary, really. I'll give credit for the fact that this is very suspenseful, though.

Commercials. Oh, that Thomas Haden Church. Who knew he had even more than Wings to offer? How much career can one man stand?

When we come back, Kendra is not happy about Freddy blaming her for getting them Yielded. "How dare you?" she demands to know. He blames her more; they bicker more; they're just frustrated and tired and need to be done for a while. "Well, it looks like we're going home," Kendra says with her trademark optimism.

El Hornio takes the Roadblock for his team, and Rebecca quickly concludes that maybe she shouldn't shriek at him so much in this holy setting. So after El Hornio has the medallion, she takes to a lot of stage-whispery screaming. Especially when he goes the wrong direction and heads off away from the church. And I don't think she knew that the unfortunate shadow would make her look quite so mustachioed when she says, "Never send a woman to do a man's job." He makes her so miserable! He is so abusive! She just wants to get away! Poor, poor, pitiful Rebecca.

Jonathan and Victoria are heading back with their two donkeys.

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