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Are There Instructions On Donkey-Handling?

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Taking out the trash

"Have some self-respect, Victoria!" Jonathan barks as he stomps along in his bandanna and red underpants. 'Nuff said.

Hayden finds her way to the medallion that's just like hers, and she gets her clue. As she leaves, she runs into a little kid who asks her her name, and tells her that his name is Balai. She interviews more about the "great experience" in the church, and then she and Aaron are reading their next clue, which is about going to Lalibela Lookout. Phil says that this is about a one-mile hike. And the last team to check in "may be eliminated." Hayden and Aaron are surrounded by helpful kids who want to show them where the lookout is.

Lori and Bolo turn in their donkeys, and Lori takes the Roadblock. Right behind them are Kris and Jon, with Kris taking it for her team. When Lori gets to the priest to get her medallion, she actually kneels. I have no idea whether kneeling is necessary or even appropriate, but honestly, I just appreciate the effort, you know? The effort to be gracious and respectful. She gets her medallion and leaves. Kris heads in just after her. She leaves with her medallion and starts examining worshippers. Lori, on the other hand, has left the church entirely and winds up back in the surrounding area until she reads the clue and realizes where she went wrong. She heads back down the path. "Oh, outside the church," she mutters. "I'm so stupid." I'm so sympathetic to people in these situations, because seriously, I do that stuff all the time. My life has basically been a series of situations in which I miss the worshippers right outside the church and go wandering the mountains in confusion. Fortunately, I usually stumble across, like, a happy bunch of weirdos having a barbecue, and everything winds up working out. ["In fact, that's how she came to work at TWoP." -- Sars]

Meanwhile, Hornio and Freddy and Kendra are held up on the donkey path by a religious ceremony. Go figure. Anyway, they can't pass on the regular path because of what's going on, so they have to go the long way around. But Jonathan and Victoria have arrived safely with their donkeys. Er, "donkey." Yeah. They discover when they go to turn in the donkey that they're supposed to have two. "You were so panicked," says Jonathan, who read the words "two donkeys" out loud. "I told you to calm down," repeats Jonathan, who read the words "two donkeys" out loud. "It's over; we're done," says Victoria, always the defeatist. "Why didn't you help me read?" she asks Jonathan, who read the words "two donkeys" out loud.

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