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Are There Instructions On Donkey-Handling?

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Taking out the trash

Spazpants is screaming at each other as they get set to leave. So that's lots of fun. So much fun that...let's just not waste our time, shall we? Oh, good. I knew you'd understand.

Hayden and Aaron, led by a group of kids, one of whom is actually rolling a hoop just like in an old movie, head for the church. Lori and Bolo do the same. Spazpants is still screaming. Ultimately, Nuance actually gets to the donkeys ahead of Spazpants, so, leaving the donkey zone, Spazpants is in last place. And then the most curious thing happens -- Jonathan takes one donkey with him out of the pen. Not two, just one. And he and Victoria walk -- Jonathan still in his red panties -- along the paved road to the church. Victoria complains about how she can't understand how Freddy and Kendra could have beaten them; Jonathan tells her to "quiet down"'s the same as always, you know.

Hayden and Aaron turn in their donkeys. They step to the Yield mat. Phil explains about how at this spot, a team can force any other team to Yield -- stop racing for some period of time. They can only use it once, although there are only three on the whole race and this is the second one, so it's not like you have a great chance of using it at some far more critical juncture if you don't use it now. Anyway, Hayden and Aaron aren't Yielding anyone. The clue they pick up is for a Roadblock that asks, "Who has an eye for detail?" Phil tells us that in this Roadblock, the person will walk down inside the church and receive a pendant from a priest. The Roadblocker will then examine the pendants being worn by about 100 "worshippers" outside the church, looking for one that has exactly the same medallion. Check your claim tags carefully; many medallions look alike. When they find the match, they'll be given the next clue. Aaron tells Hayden she can do this one, even though she seems hesitant. I think to myself, "Dear, you're going to have to do something, and haranguing doesn't count."

Hayden walks toward the church. She walks in very slowly and solemnly, which was much appreciated, at least by me. She sort of bows to the priest as he bows to her and gives her the medallion. As she walks out, she voices over about the amazing "energy of the place." Outside, she starts looking at guys in white robes.

Lori and Bolo, Kris and Jon, and Hornio are all close together bringing their donkeys toward the finish line. Kendra, on the other hand, is having an asthma attack, apparently a long-forgotten ailment of her youth. Freddy assures her that she's just hyperventilating, and she needs to control her breathing. "I'm okay," she says to a nice local kid -- maybe a young teenager -- who's suddenly walking beside her, putting his hand on her shoulder. "I have...breathe problems," she says. He takes her pack for her. She comments in an interview how much she loved the kids in this town. They held her backpack, they encouraged her, and she was crazy about them. Good thing their parents kept breeding and breeding. I can only hope she learned a little something from this experience, because...seriously. I mean, seriously. Kendra seems to recover from her attack, and she actually reaches over to pat the kid on the shoulder and thank him. Look how she's touching a poor person on purpose, right here in a Third World country. Go figure.

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