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Steve and Allie look to be in the ocean between islands when the captain hands them a clue and a diving mask. As they open the former, Phil talks about the Seychelles' history of shipwrecks, and how "treasure hunters are constantly trolling these waters in search of their next great find." Perched on the side of a boat, with a diving mask pushed up on his forehead, Phil says, "Now teams must head underwater, on their own search for a very different kind of treasure map." With that, he lowers the mask onto his face and flips backward into the ocean, which is maybe six to ten feet deep there. The camera follows him to a wooden crate full of glass bottles, tethered about halfway between the surface and the ocean floor. Bubbles come out of his mouth like he's trying to talk as the subtitles read, "One team member must find a submerged case of seven bottles...." Fortunately he runs out of air before the joke gets old, and he continues narrating in the normal way midsentence: "...figure out how to untie them, and then bring one of the seven bottles up to the surface." As we see hands busying themselves on the beach with the contents of a bottle, he continues, "With that completed, team members will work together to assemble a map." That's a pretty rough map, made out of what look like primitive Colorforms on a small leather sheet. "Once on shore, the map will lead them along a path to their most valued treasure." Which is Phil himself, of course! Oh, wait, he means the Pit Stop. The Pit Stop sign reads Praslin, Seychelles, in its latest effort to confuse us. "The last team to check in here," Phil warns, "may be eliminated." Or they may not. Phil has no idea. He'd tell you if he could, honest.

Steve is doing the Road Block. As he takes off his shirt, we cut back to Carol and Brandy, and their messily-eating tortoise. "Does anyone have a napkin to wipe his mouth?" Carol wonders plaintively. Hurt by this aspersion cast against its table manners, the tortoise starts wandering even further afield, so they decide to switch tasks. Over to Ox Trot they go, making Steve and Allie the only team to successfully complete this Detour. As long as your definition of success does not include leaving with your luggage.

Steve flops over the side of the boat into the water. Despite his rather graceless dive, Allie tells us he's a great swimmer, habitually spending hours in the pool at the gym. After swimming out to the buoy he dives down, takes a long minute to free one of the bottles from the knotted rope over its neck, and surfaces. "Come back!" Allie calls, but first he takes the time to stuff the bottle down the front of his trunks. Which is probably how he swims at the gym anyway.

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