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Brent's still quitting after the ads. Meanwhile, Steve is trying to convince Allie they shouldn't go back for their bags and take the risk of losing the leg. Given what happens later, there's not much danger of that, but he has no way of knowing that. But I think there's one thing that we do know, and that's that there is absolutely no beer in those backpacks. "It's just clothes," Steve says. "I mean, you look good. Look at you." The gong on the soundtrack hasn't failed to notice the banana pulp still covering her from ankle to boob, even after a dip in the ocean. She interviews that she's used to having her makeup and her brush. "It'll just strip me down and I'll be raw and--," Steve says she's cute enough not to need it, I think because he thought he should cut her off before he network censors did. "It'll make us faster, that's for sure," she says. And this after making into the lead with the help of an animal who carries its whole house on its back.

Dan and Jordan are in a good mood as their boat sails cross the ocean; they worked well together, and as Dan says, "Everywhere you look, it's just crystal clear water." They interview, "We're in Africa, but like tropical beautiful, paradise Africa, which you never even knew existed." Does this still count as Africa? I guess it does in the sense that Hawaii is part of North America, or the Lone Islands are part of Narnia (just to frame it in terms Jordan can relate to). They kill some time on the boat by slapping each other's bare chests. Which is the gay one again?

Brent has decided to un-quit, so now they've back on their cart, riding back to the coconut grove. "I don't even want to play any more," Caite third-graders. "This is so stupid." She's fighting tears of frustration as Brent interviews about losing their hard-won lead and going back to where they've been stuck. "This is so unfair," she all but sobs. Oh, calm down. Either someone else will make the same mistake and you'll be find, or they won't and you didn't deserve that lead in the first place. Guess which one it turns out to be?

Louie and Michael finish loading their coconuts and get on their way. Carol and Brandy, meanwhile, are just now getting their skittish tortoise moving. But as soon as he's out, he turns to the side to get away from them. It looks pretty evil, snapping at that banana and possibly also Brandy's hand. Carol should be the one luring the tortoise; I get the sense that she's the one more accustomed to being snapped at.

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