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Can You Digue It?

And here go Brent and Caite at 4:36 AM. Hate to say it, but after a few legs without any bunching at all, I think some bunching was in order. Six teams are four hours apart, and that's no fun. Caite mispronounces the name of the island nation with a Spanish flair: "Seh-jilless." Some people don't have maps. Caite interviews how frustrating it is to be in the back of the pack. "Our lack of detail and focus is what's killing us right now," Brent says. Caite adds, "You can tell who were the bad kids in school," then gives an evil but complacent grin. "I wasn't bad in school," Brent says. Caite gives him a skeptical look. I'm with her; just because he's the brains of this particular operation doesn't mean I believe him.

By the next morning, everyone's at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris. The Cowboys suggest to the Detectives that they eat before checking in, which the soundtrack doesn't seem to think is a wise idea for some reason. Meanwhile, Brent and Caite make their smartest move of he race thus far, using a self-check-in terminal to pick seats near the front of the plane. They end up with aisle seats in row seven. Using a ticket agent, Steve and Allie get seats in row 10. Dan and Jordan end up in row 15. But Carol and Brandy, who left the Pit Stop in second place, are in row 25. Brandy's worried about it, but Carol assures her, "Dude, it's fine." Famous last words.

As the Amazing Red Line makes a non-stop trip from Paris to the middle of the Indian Ocean, cutting across the horn of Africa as it goes, Phil narrates, "All teams are now making their way to the island of Mahe in the Seychelles." When they land, arriving in what looks like the morning, those seat assignments definitely do come into play; Miss Team USA, Steve|Allie, and the brothers are already on the tarmac while other three teams are still waiting to get off the damn plane. The "kiosk" turns out to be right there in the airport somewhere, in a small outdoor picnic area. Brent and Caite get number one and read the clue, which is telling them to ride a helicopter to what Caite calls the island of "La Diague." "La-Deeg," Brent says, correcting her pronunciation by what I suspect is pure luck. Phil says that the first three teams now get to chopper right over to La Digue, while the other three teams will leave an hour later. "Once they arrive, they'll find their next clue." Brent interviews about how nice it was to be ahead and start the day on a positive note. Meanwhile, Caite sits next to him, staring directly into the camera with a creepy half-smile on her face. I have the shivers now.

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