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Brent and Caite lead the way to the mat, followed by the Detectives. Phil tells them they're teams number three and four respectively. Fist-bumps all around. Watching Louie pant, Phil cracks, "By the time this race is finished you might actually be fit." Louie responds by flexing everything he's got, and Phil concedes the point, impressed. "We're here to the end," Louie says. Phil asks who else will be there. "These two," Louie lies politely, pointing to Miss Team USA, "and the Cowboys." Phil asks who they want out, and for some reason the Detectives also have it in for Carol and Brandy. "They got chips on their shoulder," Michael says." They're negative people, and negative bring negative waves. You want to be negative, be somewhere else." Whoa, I never saw that coming. From Brent and Caite, sure, but not Louie and Michael. Caite is of course quick to agree with them, because she's still nursing a pissy little grudge about their tiara joke way back at the beginning of the race. You know, maybe she and Brent will race faster if she stops carrying that around. "All I have been is nice to them and they just keep being mean to me," she whines. Trying to look wise, Brent puts in, "From what I heard, it's pretty anonymous, amongst the teams." Phil looks at him in confusion, and asks, "Unanimous?" Brent laughs at himself. You can tell who the bad kids were in school.

Jet and Cord jump overboard to swim to the Pit Stop island, the camera zooming on the bottle they left behind on the boat. Carol and Brandy urge their boat's captain to hurry. Jet and Cord hit the beach, and wander along the shoreline until they find the Pit Stop. I can see why they always wear their hats; their heads look a little small without them. Phil tells them they're the fifth team to arrive. Then he lets them waste a little time talking about the stinking coconut that brought them to this, while he pops an eyebrow at them. "So how did you guys find the Pit Stop?" he asks casually, which is just about the last question you ever want Phil to ask you. They lamely say they had a feeling. Phil asks if they didn't look inside the bottle. Jet says, "There was a leather pouch in there but we had a terrible time getting it out. I'm sure it was the directions to the Pit Stop." Phil's like, yup! And he tells them they need to get the bottle back, and bring what's in it to shore before he can check them in. They stare at him in blank shock. No Heroic Cowboy Theme this time.

After the ads, they react a lot more quickly, turning and running back to the beach as soon as Phil's done speaking. You know, this is the third time this season someone has found the Pit Stop by accident. Maybe they should start hiding them better. Jet narrates after the fact, "We get to the beach, and we spot our boat." There's a shot of a boat, almost at the horizon, which fortunately is not their boat. How much would it suck if it were already on its way back to La Digue? Which I know wouldn't make sense, because five of those boats still have backpacks on them. Jet says their boat was "a good three hundred yards from the beach, so, there really wasn't any other option than...swim to that boat." Off they go. And about halfway out, they see Carol and Brandy sailing in. "But I'm not giving up until Phil says you have to go," Cord says again. Carol and Brandy jump overboard, and Cord climbs back into their boat and retrieves the bottle while Carol and Brandy are still on their way in, at least according to the editing. But not for long, because they reach the beach soon after the Cowboys are back in the water. Now Carol and Brandy have to put together the map, while the Cowboys have the advantage of knowing where they'll be going as soon as they land. But even with the advantage of the finished map, Carol and Brandy start going the wrong way while Jet and Cord are wading ashore. Even so, it's too much of a lead to blow, and Carol and Brandy are the next team to reach the mat. Phil gives them a long look. "Bring it on, bud," Brandy says. Phil tells them they're team number five, and they're both happy and incredulous.

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