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The Cowboys meet the lesbians yet again. "I would have paid you to pick up the one that we apparently left behind, "Carol tells them. Cord says they found the one they left behind. Which must be encouraging for Brandy and Carol to hear. Less encouraging is the fact that they have time for this whole conversation while passing each other. "There's still hope, man, there's still hope," Cord says.

They get their clue in fifth place. Then they hit the beach, and change into board shorts (which Cord calls a happy medium between jeans and Speedos). They're on the boat, putting their hats back on as they re-read the clue. Obviously some unseen production assistant must be transporting the teams' stuff from shore for them -- those teams that brought stuff from shore, that is. "We can't load coconuts to save our lives, but we can swim," Jet says hopefully.

Brandy picks up their errant coconut, and they're sure they're last. I don't know why Carol got off the cart at all.

The models and the detectives hit the water at about the same time for the long swim ashore. Brent's up ahead with Michael, while Caite hangs back with Louie. But she gets ahead f him before too long. He's not hard to pass; he swims like an inner tube with a mustache.

Cord will be doing this Road Block, and he seems to manage it without any trouble. But then he gives their bottle to the boat's captain for some reason, which is trouble.

Carol and Brandy get their clue, swim out to their boat, and get out of there in sixth place, lamenting their loose coconut that put them behind the Cowboys. It's like, "Duh!"

Brent and Caite make it to shore next, while Michael impatiently encourages Louie along. Which is like yelling at a piece of driftwood to come to shore. When the Detectives finally arrive, Louie offers to work together with the models. Brent agrees, even though they've finished their map already and don't need any help. "We didn't want them kicked out. We wanted some other teams kicked out," Brent interviews. "It's more strategy that we wanted them to make it." Strategy? To help the team that has one more legs than any other team so far? This is a very mysterious strategy. The four of them run down the beach together.

Jet says he and Cord are excited to be getting to the Pit Stop. Behind them, Brandy offers to do the Road Block , and Carol happily hands it over. Carol claims, "In the heat of competition, we do a little bickering, but we then get over it and then we just move on with the task that's in front of us." Brandy dives in, gets her bottle, and hands it up to Carol. Carol has a point; I didn't see any bickering at all while Brandy was underwater.

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