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Carol and Brandy spot the Cowboys coming the other way. "Road-hog!" Carol jokes. Jet interviews they knew they were in last place." "We're caught right between a rock and a hard place," Cord says, although he doesn't say what's the rock and what's the hard place. Brandy and Carol tell us what they think happened, which is that the Cowboys dropped one. "I hate to say it," Carol lies, "but that bodes well for us." Assuming she and Brandy didn't make the same mistake, that is. Which she doesn't think to add. Jet and Cord retrieve their coconut from its spot next to the ever-patient coconut pointer. And Carol and Brandy get to meet the fruit merchant, who in his smiling way says, "You didn't load all the coconuts!" They're stunned and in denial. We're done, we're done, we're done," Carol says. It's not every week two teams find themselves in the same cliffhanger.

After the ads, on their way back, Carol figures one must have gotten thrown over the cart. "I think when you threw some in, you threw them over the side," she says. Brandy's understandably like, "Moi?" Carol says they'll find out when they get back. Which, actually, they won't. "Place all the blame you want," Brandy says. Carol says she isn't. "It is what it is," Brandy says. And what it is, if one is using the word "you" twice in a sentence where one is speculating about what went wrong, is placing blame. I know I'm usually on Carol's side, but trying to pin it on Brandy when neither of them knows what happened is kind of tacky. Especially when she pretends she's not trying to pin it on Brandy.

Out on the ocean, Caite spots the buoy, which Brent identifies as a dinghy. Oh, there's a dinghy here, all right. They get their clue, and Brent will be doing this Road Block. He jumps in with a life jacket, which he takes off just long enough to dive for the bottle and then sort of drapes under him to swim back. Caite's mood is much improved as she awaits his return. Louie and Michael's boat arrives just in time for them to see Brent starting to climb back on board. "The bastid," Louie says. Brent is impatient with her not helping home out of while he's got his hands full with his life jacket and his bottle. But on the other hand, her hair's not gong to finger-comb itself.

"Take a deep breath, that's me, baby!" Michael says. Indeed, that's kind of a no-brainer given Louie's tendency to find himself short of breath after something is strenuous as a long cab ride. After Michael retrieves the bottle and returns to the boat with it, either he or Louie drops the bottle on the deck and it breaks, making me very nervous to see Louie standing amid the broken glass with no shoes on. But then I look at those Hobbit-feet and feel a little better. "We're gonna open it up when we get there," Michael says. Yeah, I think you have a head start on that.

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