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Steve and Allie look to be a fair distance offshore when they have to jump off and start swimming. Steve interviews about how well Allie has come through tough situations as we watch them strike out for shore. I'm thinking the worst is still ahead for them.

Carol and Brandy are tossing coconuts into their wagon, and Brandy accidentally wings Carol with a stray throw. Brandy apologizes, Carol snaps, Brandy snaps about it being an accident, you know the drill.

Steve and Allie come ashore and open their bottle. Steve interviews about their disappointment; they thought they were going to see Phil, "And you open the thing up and there's a dang map and you go, it's not over yet." Allie's the one assembling the map. Meanwhile, the brothers' boat is approaching. Steve thinks he knows where to go based on the still-incomplete map, but Allie tells him to wait. Dan and Jordan have jumped in by the time Allie feels ready to run for the Pit Stop. "I feel dizzy, I feel like I'm going to faint," she says. She doesn't, though, which is good because she can't afford to get her clothes any dirtier. Steve leads her around a pool and through a grove of trees, and there's Phil, standing next to a shirtless local with dreadlocks, who welcomes them to Praslin, Seychelles. Steve fist-bumps him, and Phil tells them they're team number one. As he hugs his daughter, Steve hastens to say that's official; "We have no backpack, we have our passport, we have our money." He tells the greeter he'll be hanging out like him, shirtless. The greeter looks a little embarrassed for him. Luckily, Allie doesn't claim that without her hairbrush, she'll soon be looking like the greeter as well. Phil asks if they noticed the "seven" theme for this leg, which I didn't. But in keeping with this nonexistent theme, Phil says this week's prize is from 7Up. Tired of being shown up by its fellow sponsor Travelocity, 7Up is giving them an oceanside dinner, a massage, seven thousand dollars each, "and all the 7Up you can drink." Allie says, "God has a plan, he wants us to learn, he wants us to grow, and however much longer we're I this race without a backpack, that's totally worth it to me." Steve agrees. That's easy for them to say this close to the Equator; as warm as it may be here, it's still December and they might find themselves back in the Northern Hemisphere before long.

Dan and Jordan arrive at the mat, and Jordan hopefully holds up two fingers. Phil looks at that -- or else he's just grinning mockingly at their bare chests with the slap-marks on them -- and holds up two fingers of his own. Big hug for team number two, their highest ranking yet.

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