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What Happens in Vegas
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Still in Prague! "For more than one thousand years," Phil tells us, "it has remained the gateway to central Europe's arts and education. Whatever that means. More specifically, we're at Strelecky Ostrov, the eleventh and final Pit Stop. Since Meghan and Cheyne were the first to arrive at the Pit Stop (again, some more, forever and ever amen), they get to leave at 11:10 AM. They open their clue, which tells them they're flying to their final destination, Las Vegas, Nevada. A Finish Line in Vegas? What took so long, is what I'm wondering. Phil says that's a 6,000 mile flight, and the Amazing Editors go crazy with aerial shots of the Strip and the Stratosphere, as well as close-ups of the "Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas" sign, stacks of poker chips, and a singing Elvis impersonator over that obnoxious Katy Perry song. Sorry, let me specify -- the obnoxious Katy Perry song about Las Vegas. Phil says that once they get there, they need to get to the Graceland Wedding Chapel, "to get their next clue from The King." "Good luck," says the Elvis, completely in character, holding out a clue envelope to the camera. Meghan and Cheyne are excited to be heading to Vegas in the final three, and quickly find a taxi to take them to a travel agency. Cheyne interviews that they're confident. And who wouldn't be, after winning half the legs to date? "We're going for the gold," he says. They find a storefront travel agency and learn they can leave on a British Airways flight at 6:40 PM. They book it, either because there's nothing earlier or because everyone still has to fly together for whatever reason.

Sam and Dan are leaving in second place, at 12:08 PM. They're also excited about going to Vegas, and Dan interviews that it's now "Operation Beat Meghan and Cheyne" and "Operation Don't Yell At Each Other." They think they can win the race if they manage both. No mention of "Operation Ignore The Other Team Until They Go Away." They're probably figuring that will take care of itself.

Meghan and Cheyne leave the travel agency, aware that their ETA in Vegas is around 2:00 tomorrow, local time. Nice, just when it's getting hottest.

Brian kisses Ericka on the head before opening their last Pit Stop clue at 3:15. I can't believe none of them has said, "Vegas, baby!" In the cab, Brian says he doesn't have much to say to Sam and Dan. "They stabbed us n the back." Yet another flashback of the heinous cab-theft leads into Brian saying he and Ericka are coming for them. In a different interview, Ericka says her mother has been pretty hard on Brian, but she hopes this will show her that they're a team, "Regardless of our color." I can see how her mom might appreciate Brian more after seeing how he deals with Ericka. Especially given the way Ericka's basically been calling her a racist all season.

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