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The Afghanimals are the first team to reach the park, where something weird is going on: guys in white uniforms and hardhats and bright-green vests are lurking around the park carrying large nets. This either has something to do with Leo & Jamal's Speed Bump, or they're going to take Leo & Jamal to an asylum because word has even reached Japan that they're soooo crazy! In fact, it's the former. Phil explains that after the Afghanimals arrived last in the previous leg, they have to complete this extra task. And the guy levels a plastic gun at the camera and pulls the trigger. After the screen clears up, more of the guys with nets run up to surround a couple of guys lurching around in a plastic two-man rhinoceros costume. Why? Because Leo & Jamal's Speed Bump means they have to "become an apprentice zookeeper and capture an escaped rhino from a local zoo." Phil shakes his head and adds, "believe it or not, this is a real drill." Oi, Phil, they're standing right behind you. The zookeepers rush the rhi-not-ceros as Phil concludes, "Once the animal has been contained, they can continue racing and try to catch up with the other teams." A very serious-looking fellow hands Leo & Jamal their hardhats and vests, as Jamal says this is what they're made for. What an oddly specific individual purpose. Leo again overlaughs as the admittedly ridiculous-looking rhino lumbers into view, the zookeeper shouts a command in Japanese, and the squad of net-bearers comes rushing down the park stairs, with Leo & Jamal at their head. Rather overzealously, they immediately throw the net over the rhino and start tying it up, until someone tells them they're doing it wrong. They're supposed to be imitating the zookeepers, who seem to be engaging in a complex game of feints and dodges. I can't help wondering if that technique works as well on a real rhino that has unobstructed vision, enjoys independent control over all four of its legs, and doesn't care about goring its coworkers.

The blue alliance of Nicole & Travis and Jason & Amy are arriving at a different area of the park. Nicole thinks they're about to do something fun, based on the colorful collection of cardboard tubes laid out on the pavement. She is about to learn differently. Nicole & Travis run to the clue box, and become the first team to spot the Afghanimals since arriving in Japan. Jamal just tells Leo to focus as Travis interviews, "Now we know they made the plane." But thanks to the Speed Bump, the ER docs are in first place as they open the clue, with Jason & Amy right behind them. The clue invites, "Pipe up or go home." That's the worst Detour choice ever.

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