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Over at the human bowling alley, Leo and Jamal's continued failures are forcing them to adopt desperate measures like trying to figure out a strategy. Back at the top of the ramp after another attempt by both of them, they decide to abandon their method of going down the side -- too bumpy -- and try going straight down the middle instead. And this time, Jamal knocks down all the pins. The host runs over, almost as excited as Jamal is, and gets one of Jamal's trademark pickup hugs, yelling, "Okay, okay, okay!" He gives them their clue, which tells them to get to Shinjuku Chuo Koen, specifically a fountain there. "Sayonara!" the host yells. As they change, Leo suggests they fold their clothes up neatly so the other teams think they haven't gotten there yet. So their dishonesty is now extending to non-verbal lies -- and time-consuming ones, at that. But the theory is that they want the other teams to think they missed their flight and thus not race as hard. Which will work, as long as another team comes here and doesn't count the clues remaining in the clue box.

Amy emerges from a tiny changing tent wearing an even tinier orange bikini, as well as the other item that turns out to be a hood that makes her head look like Nemo. So thanks for not offering a Detour option that doesn't make someone look ridiculous, Japan. Travis is similarly dressed, aside from how his teeny bikini doesn't have a top. Amy eases into the tank (apparently nobody thought to heat the water in the public goldfish tanks), and forgets a key step, which is taking enough of a breath to stay submerged for the whole call. She comes back up for air while Travis watches. But soon they're both in their booths, and Amy's the first to hear what sounds like the game show host shouting, "Welcome to Tokyo! Wasabi taberu!" The subtitles translate that as "let's eat" rather than simply "eat," like I said earlier. Which I think is correct because my college Japanese is rustier than WALL-E, but I do recall that it's an exceedingly polite language, to the point where imperatives are rare and everyone says "let's" instead. Marie would hate it, in other words. Amy slips while climbing down from the top of the tank and tumbles to the ground, complete with a cymbal crash provided by the Amazing Editors. She recovers and runs over to Jason with the message, which she writes down for him. Travis hears the message, and happily says he won't forget the words. What, all five of them? Jason runs over and recites them to the judge across the park and gets the clue, while Nicole follows at a slow trot that Travis probably doesn't appreciate. Next thing we know, Amy and Travis are both dressed again, and they're off to the fountain in second and third place, respectively. And Amy tells Jason in the cab that she's sure the bowling will take longer. She's not wrong.

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