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A bowling-wipe serves as the transition to Nicole & Travis's arrival at Kinuta Park for the goldfish tank challenge. Behind them, Amy asks their driver if he knows the name of the park, because apparently he's just following the other cab instead of taking Jason & Amy where they actually wanted to go. The two blue teams eventually exit their cab and go looking for the Detour, while Tim & Amy in the cab behind them wonder what they're up to. Jason interviews that it just made sense to go with the Detour they were already at, rather than risk getting lost finding the other one. Which is even more likely with these drivers. Meanwhile, Tim tells Marie to hang out and wait for the other teams to come back, which seems a flawed strategy. The blue teams walk slowly to make Tim & Marie think they're lost, so Marie goes looking for directions from a local while they're waiting. And Jason interviews that according to the clue, only two teams could attempt the Detour at the same time, so even if they hadn't abandoned the "team of six" plan the minute it hit a wrinkle it wouldn't hold up now. So Marie finds out from a local person how to find the media place, and they have their driver take just them, though Tim says he doesn't know where the other teams are going. "They don't know where they're going either," Marie says. "Apparently we might, so let's just do this." Tim says it's a big risk, with which Marie agrees. And with the exes now out of sight, the other teams break into a run, while Tim is still slowly trying to figure out why two other teams just ran into the middle of a park. They might actually be onto something, Tim.

The blue teams find a couple of phone booths that have been converted into fish tanks, with goldfish swimming around the phones that are still inside. "It was filled with wattah!" Jason interviews, his accent emphasized by his amazement. "And all these goldfish! How we gonna make a phone call underwattah? It doesn't make any sense!" Fortunately, Phil's here to explain that the teams will have to "become immersed in a popular art installation that makes use of Japan's obsolete phone booths." One racer from each team will have to climb into a tank, dial a number on the phone, then run across the park to tell their partner what they heard over the receiver. A production assistant in swim trunks runs up to Phil and says, "Welcome to Tokyo, wasabi taberu [eat wasabi]" to a judge, who sticks a clue into the camera. As with the other Detour, ridiculous costumes are provided, including Speedos and goggles and some other costume piece whose nature isn't apparent at first glance, and we only get one glance for now.

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