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The Afghanimals are delivered to Tokyo Media City, which unlike L.A.'s Studio City appears to be a single building by that name rather than a neighborhood. On their way in, the Afghanimals each pick up a pair of giant bowling pins that are almost as tall as they are and soon find themselves in the expected raucous, brightly-lit studio, complete with the same powder-blue-tuxedoed game show host who shouted at the teams in seasons 15 and 20. "Welcome! Are you ready to play Human Bowling!" he bellows, like that show actually exists. He yells at the Afghanimals to put on their "game suit protection," which includes black coveralls, pink kimonos over them, and helmets decorated like birthday cakes. The host keeps up a running commentary about their transformation as the sparse audience of people with nothing better to do today claps and cheers. Once they're dressed, he has them add their pins to the lineup at the bottom of the ramp and shouts, "This is the Human Bowling Ball gaaaaame!" Now here's actual game show host Phil, telling us that this Detour "requires teams to compete in a Japanese game show called --" until the other host jumps in front of him to yell, "Human Bowling Ball!" According to Phil's explanation, "both team members must become the ball and try to knock down all the pins." That makes it sound like they'll have to roll up and somersault or something, but a human bowling ball in this context is actually just a person on an inner tube being slid down the ramp toward the pins. "Once they've scored a strike," Phil says, as the host hollers strike, "the game show host will hand them their next clue." With typical restraint and decorum, no doubt.

Cut to the Afghanimals trying to climb the ramp, as the host tells them to hurry up. "You must help him!" the host yells up at Jamal, who made it to the top first. "How come you no help him?" Leo crosses over to where one of the uneven moguls on the slope is closer to the top and scrambles up from there. "That is not easy," he claims. Jamal is the first to be the bowling ball, and Leo pushes him down the slide on the tube. Again, the slide is bumpy and uneven, so right now it looks like accomplishing a strike, if and when it happens, is going to be almost totally random. Needless to say it doesn't happen on their first try. The host yells at him to go up and try again, all Jamal's way up the ramp. Unnecessary old-school Batman-style graphics accompany their clumsy ascent, and Leo fails to pick up the spare, even with his arms and legs stretched out as far they'll go. Which they are, because it's not like there's any way to preserve one's dignity in this task anyway.

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