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After the ads, Amy and Travis are both frustrated about this development, while Tim's just happy to be in Tokyo and Marie smirks about how the plan fell apart. But she's still aware of the Afghanimals being ten minutes ahead of them. Theoretically. It was less than that, but now it's probably more than that due to the three-teams-two-taxis clusterfuck at the airport.

In fact, the Afghanimals have arrived at the temple, but their driver overshoots the entrance. "Over there," Jamal tells him in some weird accent for some reason. They jump out and run for it, hoping to still be in first place. Quickly exploring the pathways of the open-air temple, they quickly find the aisle that's swarmed with white cat statues leading to the clue box. Jamal has the nerve to ask the good luck charms for good luck on the race, as if they haven't already had more than their share to have gotten this far in the first place. The clue is for a Detour, with the choices being "Knock it Down" or "Call it Up." Cut to Phil at a busy Tokyo intersection as he says it's a choice between becoming a human bowling ball or making a phone call from inside a giant goldfish tank. Well, those both seem perfectly legitimate. Leo decides on "Knock it Down," because he remembers the wacky Japanese game shows from season 20 (and 15, let's not forget), because why shouldn't the race go back to that well again? Running back to their taxi outside the temple, Jamal tells Leo that if they see another team they'll claim to still be looking for it, because it's always wise to plan ahead so you don't miss an opportunity to lie. They're feeling good about being in first place, and Leo says, "So now we're on our way to Tokyo Media City to act the fool." Can't they do that anywhere?

Meanwhile, Travis is musing to Nicole that not knowing where the Afghanimals are affects their early plan to all work together. You think? The three teams reach the temple together and tell their drivers to wait. Searching in a clump, Tim's the one who spots the cats, but their official ranking at the clue box ends up being Jason & Amy, then Nicole & Travis, then Tim & Marie. Jason & Amy and Tim & Marie want to do Knock it Down, but Travis decides to do Call it Up. While the Afghanimals continue congratulating themselves on the ten-minute gamble that got them five minutes ahead of the pack, the aforementioned pack is again trying to figure out if their cabbies know where to go, which so far they don't appear to. "They don't seem to know where anything is if it's not written in symbols," Tim says, apparently unfamiliar with the concept of Japanese. Nicole & Travis want to go to Kinuta Park, presumably because it's the locale for the Call it Up Detour, while the other teams want to go to Media City. But Marie tells us that the three cab drivers still don't want to separate from one another, which seems highly bizarre. "They want to continue following each other and obviously that's not gonna work for us," Amy says once they're all finally underway. And Tim says they'll have to separate after the Detour. So they've gone from planning to stick together, to wanting to stop sticking together and not being able to.

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