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While all the teams are transferring at the Singapore International Airport, the Afghanimals dash ahead to change their tickets to the flight through Hong Kong, which will theoretically land them in Tokyo ten to fifteen minutes ahead. They gloat all the way to their plane as the other three teams try to reassure each other that they'll all be on the same flight. In fact, even as they're sitting on the plane, Amy is trying to convince the others that the Afghanimals are hanging back to stress them out and will be boarding any minute. Obviously it doesn't happen that way, because the Afghanimals are already in the air.

So an Amazing Purple Line (via Bangkok) and an Amazing Teal Line (via Hong Kong) underscore Phil's announcement that "all teams are now on their way to Tokyo, Japan." After some b-roll of the Japanese capital that's like watching Lost in Translation in super-fast-forward while on mushrooms, the first flight lands at 6:12 AM. That's the one with the Afghanimals, and soon Leo is meowing to indicate the cat temple and saying "hayaku" ("fast," although "hayakitte-kudasai" would be more polite) to a cabdriver outside the terminal. Soon they're on the road, and Jamal says that as the first team to arrive, they're almost guaranteed a first-place finish. After all, what could possibly happen between now and the Pit Stop, three to four tasks in their future?

Especially when the second plane, the one carrying everyone else, lands at 6:17 AM, a full five minutes later. Which means Jamal's latest guarantee is worth about as much as all of his other ones. "Welcome to Japan!" Amy sings loopily as she hops down a staircase, like she slept on the plane and didn't wake up until she was exiting the jetway. The three teams hurry out of the building to find only two waiting cabs, which seems like a serious crimp in their plan to stick together. Also, the germ-masked driver that Jason & Amy approach doesn't know how to find the temple without a street number, which they never bothered to find out, so they seem out of luck. Nicole & Travis claim the other cab, whose driver, like them, also doesn't know where the temple is. Marie starts yelling around for a taxi for her and Tim, but at least she knows the address. So two teams have transport but don't know where they're going, and the third team knows but has no way to get there. Turns out a team of six is an awkward and unwieldy entity when it comes to the actual racing. Marie is mercenary as always, saying she'll share what she knows if one of the other teams gets her a cab. But Travis basically says screw it and decides to take his chances on the road and leave them there, which is even shittier. So much for the plan. But then nobody's taxis will even leave until a third taxi shows up for Tim & Marie anyway, which makes it sound like the entire Japanese car-for-hire industry is more committed to the plan than its actual participants. "It's gonna be a long day," Jason says. Tim & Marie are eventually provided a cab, but I suspect what's really making her happy right now is her remark about the other teams: "They're so mad." Indeed. There's nothing worse than trying to storm off in a huff and ending up trapped, unless it's trying to storm off in a huff and getting trapped while in a race for a million dollars.

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